Color Me Surprised: Crayola Now Makes Beauty Products?!
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Color Me Surprised: Crayola Now Makes Beauty Products?!

Crayola, the brand behind the broad majority of our childhood art projects, is making a bold move within the beauty industry. The company is selling a full line of nail polish, lip gloss, hair color, and more. Crazy, huh?!

Not sure if you can trust Crayola to make decent beauty products? Don't worry, they are actually "made" by Fing'rs (owned by a company called Pacific World which owns other beauty brands), so from what we can tell, it seems pretty legit.

And now, a run-down of the full Crayola beauty line:

First, and most recent, is this set of Crayola Mini Nail Polish ($8). It comes in 8 different bright colors and comes packaged up in the iconic green and yellow box. And while the selection does include whimsical colors like Cotton Candy and Robin's Egg Blue, I don't see my favorites, Macaroni & Cheese and Cerulean. Hopefully they do a line of pastels in the spring!

If you want to take your Crayola polish to another level, you might opt for the Crayola Scented Nail Polish, which comes in five scents/colors: grape, blueberry, green apple, orange and bubble gum and costs $10 on Amazon. Kind of cool, but people may be wondering why you're sniffing your hands all day…

Finally, get your inner Picasso on by picking up a Crayola Nail Art Pen. They look just like Crayola markers and enable you to create all kinds of intricate designs on your nails. You know, like Tuxedos or Footballs. It's too bad they don't come with a sponge for some ombre action. Amazon is selling these pens for $10 for a 3-pack with a (bonus!) nail stencil kit included. 

Next up, hair! Crayola Hair Color Stix ($7) come in a 3-pack and include colors like Wild Blue Yonder, Electric Lime and Razzmatazz. Shampoo to remove. Need a hair streaking tutorial? Get the how-to here. Just don't get too crazy — you might end up looking like a Smurf-tastic Katy Perry (which could be really awesome… if it happens to be Halloween).

Yep, there's even makeup. Crayola Lip Gloss costs around $3 and comes in flavors like Vanilla Cupcake, Wild Watermelon, and Tropical Punch. We are pumped about a potential line of Crayola eye shadow!

And finally, the Crayola Color Changing Scrubby ($5), a bath scrub that changes colors from different water temperatures. We're pretty sure they designed this one for kids, but it's definitely going on our wish list. Taking a bath will never be the same again!

How do you feel about Crayola as a beauty product provider? Is it awesome or kind of weird? Let us know in the comments below or holler at us on Twitter!