You鈥檝e earned your street cred as the girl boss that you are and even have the fancy schmancy business cards to show for it. But what about a spiffy card case? Nothing makes you appear more legit than being able to tote around a case designed specifically for your business cards. Take our word for it: It鈥檚 a game changer. Because a girl鈥檚 gotta have her options, we鈥檝e gathered 13 card cases that are a far cry from boring. Whether you鈥檙e looking for a case to store a hefty stack of your calling cards or you want something to hold your credit cards, IDs and spare cash 鈥 we鈥檙e looking at you B2S (back-to-school) crowd 鈥 we鈥檝e got you covered.


1. Embossed Translucent Card Holder ($23): If you don鈥檛 mind putting it all on display, then this sleek and translucent pink card holder is where it鈥檚 at. Just be wary of pickpockets.


2. Brushstrokes Keychain Pouch ($20): Leave it to to design the cutest brushstroke-printed pouch in existence. If you鈥檙e heading B2S, ditch the lanyard STAT. This functional pouch is all sorts of chic.


3. Striped Card Case ($85): Pinch us, please! The juxtaposition between the brown leather and contrasting pink stripe makes for an instant conversation starter. Major bonus: For an extra fee, you can even have it monogrammed with your initials. #Winning


4. Centennial Stripe Mind Your Business Card Case ($38): To fully cement your 鈥淚 made it鈥 moment in the big city of your dreams, a savvy card case is in order. Allow this striped case from Henri Bendel to serve as a reminder that dreams don鈥檛 work unless you do.


5. Paint Splattered Wallet ($295): While this paint-splattered case is a bit on the splurge-worthy side (it is by Margiela after all), we鈥檙e firm believers in treating yo鈥檚elf with a little sumthin鈥 sumthin鈥 as a reward for reaching certain milestones.


6. Wally Wallet Case for iPhone ($50): For the creative thinker or busy bee, this Wally case will keep your hands free. It magically attaches to your iPhone, all the while keeping your valuables hidden from view. Pure genius, right?


7. Charlie Wallet Leather ($35): Simple does it. You asked for a streamlined card case that would hold just the essentials and we found it. This navy and red leather wallet by Herschel not only gets the job done, but it鈥檚 also easy on the eyes.


8. Seamless Card Case ($40): Good design feels good. Made of all-natural leather, this simplified envelope-style case will give you an excuse to whip out your minimalist business cards at any given moment.


9. Metallic Card Holder ($29): Say hello to the metallic card holder that will fit right in with your #allblackornothing aesthetic. Not only will it show off your sartorial flair, but it communicates that you mean business.


10. Hola Passport Case ($18): For convenience sake, this jet-setting case will kill two birds with one stone. Just think how handy it鈥檒l be to have both your passport and calling cards stored in the same place the next time you鈥檙e traveling for business.


11. Petite Snap Cardholder Key Chain ($12): Misplaced your student ID or debit card for the umpteenth time? Say no more! This petite cardholder with a key chain will not only function as a miniature wallet, but it can be attached to your car keys for safekeeping.


12. Natural Leather + Gold Card Case ($24): Purse-diving for a stack of your business cards or spare cash is neither fun nor practical. Save the time and effort by stowing away all of your necessities into this fun-sized gold pouch.


13. In God We Trust Card Case ($60): Please excuse the language, but you know that you鈥檝e made it when you鈥檙e legit enough to be flaunting a bronze case emblazoned with this explicit title.

Which of these cool card cases will you be sporting to solidify your #girlboss status? Let us know in the comments below!