When it comes to our wardrobes, we’ve got the “pop of color” philosophy down to a science. Brightly colored bags and jewelry paired with neutral foundational pieces makes for a versatile, unique and aesthetically interesting closet. Those same principles can totally be applied to home decor. We love the idea of a kitchen, all marble countertops and clean lines, accented with punchy appliances, utensils and serving ware to liven up the space. Below, you’ll find seven of our most beloved bright essentials for a colorful kitchen.


1. Bruer Coffee Cold Bruer ($80): This cold brew coffee maker is as beautiful as it is functional and demands to be kept on the kitchen counter 24/7. The bright bits of cobalt are the perfect complement to the natural black and brown of the coffee.


2. The Heated Golden Gate Bridge Dish Towel ($14): This cute hand towel deserves a place of prominence on your oven’s door handle. That red-printed Golden Gate Bridge is so well done, it looks like an art print meant to be framed. And hey, if you have a friend headed out west, this is a perfect going away gift.


3. Flamingo Spatula ($12): We bet you never knew you needed a flamingo-shaped spatula until you saw this flamingo-shaped spatula. Spatulas are probably the most essential kitchen utensil, right behind a good knife, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have fun with the essentials.


4. Nine-Piece Nest Set ($50): Color on color on color: If you have a hard time choosing a favorite one, these nesting bowls will satisfy your indecisive streak. And maybe even better than the fun colors is the fact that they’ll drastically cut down on the clutter in your cabinets.


5. Mosser Glass Crown Tuscan Mixing Bowl Set ($65): For a mixing bowl set with a more retro vibe, these cotton candy-colored glass ones are a sweet option. They’re a perfect bridal shower gift for your most girly friend.


6. Candy Rock Cupcake Platter ($22): There’s only one way to make this cheery cupcake platter more fun: by adding a sweet treat, of course. The geometric design gives it a modern edge and the bright yellow will add a pop of color to any kitchen counter. Use it as a serving platter for any mini snacks you may have on hand.


7. Now Designs Mineral Mug ($7): Mix and match these earthy color choices for a custom mug set. Break out the whole collection when you have overnight guests and let everyone choose their favorite color for morning coffee (it’s the little things, right?!).

What’s your favorite colorful kitchen accessory? Snap a photo on Instagram and tag us @britandco so we can see!