While tooling around Kickstarter (like we tend to do), we discovered The Coloring Table. It’s a tablecloth that turns any surface into a coloring book, making it the perfect addition to family nights, kids parties and even adult craft nights (we are not above coloring books over here — age is only a number).


If you want to permanently color in the design, you can use permanent fabric markers and create a practical work of art to drape over picnic tables for years to come. If you use washable markers, it can be washed and colored again and again.

The Kickstarter runs through January 7 and a $50 pledge will get you a “Food Fun” tablecloth in the size of your choice. Eventually, the company hopes to create multiple designs (and potentially even do custom prints). Pledge $1,000 and you can even get one of the designs named after you.


How does this compare to the butcher paper you’ve been throwing on the table for the kids/adults? Let us know in the comments.