If you’re still nibbling on those snickerdoodles and sporting your ugly Christmas sweater, we totally feel you. It’s tough to let go of the holidays, especially when it means another commute to work. To bide your time until you’re sipping bubbly at your NYE bash, we have just the downloads you need to jump start your week. Whether you’re counting down the days until your January horoscope or looking to tone up before the new year, these are the five essentials you need for your commute (or holiday travels!) this week.

1. Camels + Chocolate Blog: Documenting her latest travels via her blog, Kristin Luna offers a peek into her life as a travel writer. Her tales are not only entertaining (she has interviewed a ton of celebs, including Taylor Swift), but also full of awesome adventures. Nothing will distract you more from your crowded train commute than reading about her journeys to the Arctic and Belgium.

2. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone: Susan Miller is the astrologist to fashionistas, journalists and anyone who likes an eerily detailed monthly preview to what’s to come. This week, review her horoscope predictions for December and see how well she did, then get ready for her January horoscope, which she’s promising to release on Wednesday at midnight. (Free on iOS and Android)

3. Five-Minute Desk Workout: Sitting at a desk (or in our car!) for hours every day does no good for our legs or our booty. How to fix that? Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln takes you through a quick five-minute workout without ever leaving your desk. Workouts can’t get any easier than this.

4. Classics Anthology Collection on Audible: Audible recently released a collection of classic anthology stories just in time for the holidays. They’ve got everything from The Tale of Peter Rabbit to The Brothers Grimm available, perfect for when you can’t get the songs from Into The Woods out of your head. Download discs one and two today.

5. #Homescreen: We’re all guilty of those moments when we peer over someone’s shoulders to see their phone screens. Here to stop us from feeling guilty: #homescreen. Users can upload screenshots of their homescreens and discover what apps people are really using. (Free on iOS)

What items will you be downloading and reading this week? Let us know in the comments below and we could feature it in our next post!