Whether you鈥檙e traveling because you have to (think: work trip) or you鈥檙e packing because you want to (think: jet setting off to an exotic vacation rental that you鈥檝e been saving for forever), both kinds of globetrotting have one thing in common: the need for comfy, travel-friendly clothes. These duds 鈥 in tandem with some stellar travel gear 鈥 will help make the journey a little bit more bearable. Scroll on for a look at the 11 beauties we鈥檝e corralled for you below.


1. Jumping Jack Jack Mom Life Sweatshirt ($34): This pullover spells out comfy travel essentials in one travel-ready piece. If you鈥檙e on a road trip across climates or flying to different locales, temperature control is here, in the form of this easy-to-remove pullover. Bonus: The scoop neck makes it mega easy to take on and off without ruining your hair.


2. Zara Terez Emoji Performance Leggings ($78): Leggings are a must while traveling, and if you鈥檙e flying in airplane mode and deprived of your daily emoji intake, these comfy duds will tide you over until you land.


3. Headline Shirts I鈥檇 Rather Be Sleeping T-Shirt ($28): Travel almost always entails an early wakeup call. You鈥檒l easily share your feelings about early mornings without ever having to take your lips off your coffee cup when you sport this tee.


4. Inyo Cloud Leggings ($58): Imagine the awesomeness of soaring through the clouds on a flight to your awesome vacay spot while wearing cloud-patterned leggings 鈥 there鈥檚 nothing more wonderfully meta.


5. Headline Shirts Whiskey and Yoga T-Shirt ($28): Whiskey and yoga are the combo cure for long layovers and missed connections everywhere. If you鈥檙e stuck in the terminal, at least this shirt ups your chances of starting a conversation with a like-minded (and hopefully super-cute!) fellow traveler.


6. Pring Liberation Less Whine More Wine T-Shirt ($24): If you鈥檝e got a whiny coworker that you鈥檙e forced to be on the road with, or a high-maintenance friend in tow, this shirt is a necessity. When it gets to be too much, all you have to do is point.


7. Inyo Polka Dot Leggings ($58): Polka dot is the quintessential classic print. These beauties jazz up any neutral top in an instant and are insanely comfy at the same time.


8. Mountain Tees Guinea Pig Face T-Shirt ($20): Sometimes travel sucks, but at least when you wear a guinea pig tee, you鈥檒l get a few laughs along the way from the lucky people around you.


9. Inyo Watercolor Leggings ($58): Booyah 鈥 these leggings bring some colorful fun to dull travel. They鈥檙e especially perfect if you鈥檙e headed somewhere cold and gray.


10. Pyknic Always Down for Tacos Tee ($34): Always means always, even when you鈥檙e traveling. Toss this tee on top of your fave pair of leggings for a wildly awesome travel ensemble.


11. Inyo Micro-Camo Leggings ($58): These pretty leggings prove that camo doesn鈥檛 have to be dull and doesn鈥檛 have to only come in the form of cargo shorts. The micro-camo print these leggings is dainty yet fun at the same time 鈥 win-win.

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