You know we’ve got cookies and cupcakes up the wazoo here at Brit HQ. Well, Re:Make was no exception to our sweets obsession. We teamed up with Wilton to create two DIY dessert projects: cupcakes on conference day for makers, bloggers and more; and cookies for the festival day that doubled as totally custom photo booth props!

Let’s start with cupcakes at the conference day.

Who loves cupcakes? I do, I do! It’s #MakeBreak time!

At the Re:Make conference, a Wilton Method Instructor and Senior Test Kitchen Manager showed conference attendees how to create fancy cupcake decorations using the round tip, star tip and petal tip 104. Over 400 cupcakes were decorated!

Even if you’re a first-time decorator, the ready-to-use Wilton Icing Pouch makes it easy to add quick details to cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. As you can see, everyone took their cupcake decorating very seriously ;)

With nine vibrant colors, this collection of icing is essential for folks who like their cakes both colorful and delicious. And unlike similar icings that have a gel-like quality, this one has a mild vanilla flavor that blends easily with all desserts. Now, on to the cookies.

For the second batch of DIY desserts, we turn to the Re:Make Festival, where attendees decorated over 1,100 mustache, eyeglass, lip and bow tie cookies on a stick.

Icing pouches come with two built-in tips, so they’re ready to add letters, stars or rosettes as soon as you get your hands on ’em. Plus, sprinkles always make things more fun :)

How fun are those? Perfect for a photo booth!

So many fun snaps on Instagram! They’re making us a little hungry actually… ;)

Want to decorate cupcakes and cookies at home? You can stock up on these super colorful pouches at Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Wal-Mart and Head to for lots more decorating ideas, shaped tips and more.

This post is a collaboration with Wilton.