When it comes to revealing your baby’s gender, there’s no shortage of cool ways to make the big announcement. But it’s even more special when you find a way to do it that truly reflects who the two of you are not only as people, but as a couple (like these twosomes did in some of these creative photos).

box 4

Jamie and her fiancé Keith managed to do just that.

In this series of photos shot by Anna E. Photography, the couple can be seen peering into the distance at an unknown target.

Chosen by the expecting after plenty of research, that “target” was a box filled with tannerite and colored chalk powder which, upon being shot, would explode in a flurry of pink or blue to indicate whether they’d be welcoming a little boy or a little girl to the fam.

See the magic that ensued when the army marksman and dad-to-be nailed a perfect bullseye (and on the first shot, no less)!

box 6

Here’s the couple, just moments before the big reveal.


And here’s the target, which was set up by a friend of the mom-to-be in order to keep the baby’s sex a secret.

box 2

When the target was hit, a cloud of blue exploded into the air.

box 3

Jamie and Keith were absolutely overcome, as the photographer managed to capture in this sweet shot. SURPRISE, GUYS! It’s a boy!!!

box 5

Congratulations, you two — we can’t wait to see what your birth announcement looks like! But no pressure, or anything! *wink emoji*

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(h/t BuzzFeed, photos via Anna E. Photography)