Cool Off with 12 Sweet Ice Cream Float Recipes
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Cool Off with 12 Sweet Ice Cream Float Recipes

Looking for a way to have your ice cream and drink it too? The ice cream float is a summer classic, and one of the easiest wins a host or hostess can have at a summer party. Here are 12 new ways to rock it, including a few boozy concoctions we can’t wait to try.

1. Captain and Cherry Coke Float: There’s a new Captain and Tenille in town and it comes in the form of Captain Morgan and Cherry Coke, with a little help from vanilla ice cream. (Recipe and photo: Live Love Pasta)

2. Apple Pie Floats: An All-American classic times two? Love it! This recipe calls for vanilla ice cream, ginger ale, and apple cider. So simple and so delicious. (Recipe and photo: How Does She?)

3. Mango Ginger Ice Cream Floats: For a float with a bit of eastern flair, try making this homemade mango ice cream and pairing it with a spicy ginger beer. (Recipe and photo: Snail’s View)

4. Flipper Floats: For a creamsicle-style float, simply combine orange juice or orange soda with vanilla ice cream. Add a little whipped cream if you’re feelin’ sassy. (Recipe and photo: A Big Bite)

5. Root Beer and Coffee Ice Cream Float: Turn up the old root beer float with coffee ice cream. Double the buzz! (Recipe and photo: Roti n Rice)

6. Patriotic Ice Cream Floats: The 4th of July may be long gone but the Olympics are just about to start, which means you’ll be chanting USA ’til the cows come home. For the blue in this recipe you’ll have to scour bodegas and corner stores for Mountain Dew Blue Voltage Soda. (Recipe and photo: The Family Kitchen)

7. Raspberry Honey Ice Cream Floats: Just the title of this one makes us swoon. This one takes homemade raspberry honey ice cream and couples it with good old cream soda for a bit of super sweet deliciousness. (Recipe and photo: Culinary Concoctions by Peabody)

8. Rose Syrup Float: Like we could resist an ombre-looking ice cream float? This is a fragrant combination of rose syrup, soda, ice cubes, and vanilla ice cream. (Recipe and photo: Petit Chef)

9. Limoncello Float: Looking to drink your dessert and get a little tipsy? This recipe calls for Limoncello, Grand Marnier, champagne and vanilla ice cream. Yum. (Recipe and photo: Cupcake Project)

10. Irish Ice Cream Float: If you’re all about boozy irish desserts, you’ll swoon over this float. The ice cream is homemade with Bailey’s, the caramel sauce and whipped cream are both made with whiskey, and your “soda” is a nice cold Guinness. Wow. (Recipe and photo: Petite Kitchenesse)

11. Candy Cane Ice Cream Float: Christmas in July! We especially love the candy cane rim of this sweet treat. (Recipe and photo: Spicy Ice Cream)

12. Fruit Soda and Vanilla Ice Cream Float: Create a DIY Ice Cream Float bar with an assortment of fruity sodas, beers, and all sorts of ice cream. (Recipe and photo: Baker Bettie)

Got any twists on the classic ice cream float we should try out? Leave us your recipes in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.