It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yeah, we know that line is from a holiday tune, but it sums up our thoughts about Halloween exactly. There’s nothing that sets our little DIY hearts a beatin’ like a holiday when we get to dress up in creative costumes, eat too much candy and wrack our brains to come up with a clever couples costume that will have our friends gasping with either horror or laughter or, even better, a mix of both. Thinking up a clever costume for one person is challenge enough, but when you throw a second person in the mix, it can be a real head-scratcher. If the two of you have spent the past few weeks swapping ideas, and you’re still no closer to agreeing on one, here are 100 DIY costumes for couples to inspire you. One is more awesome than the next. Some may look complicated , but we promise they’re all an easy DIY. Just roll up your sleeves and get your art on, so that come party time you and your partner are ready for role play.

Or pull out any two among the cast of characters in these 100 group costume ideas and bam, you’ve got yourself a couple’s costume. If time is ticking away and you still haven’t settled on something, over at Say Yes, Ashley has clever ideas for last minute costumes using items out of your own closet.

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(Photo via Ashley Thalman/Say Yes)