Your lucky BFF has found someone to share the holidays with, and you鈥檙e *just* as excited about this as they are! If you鈥檝e been close enough to have watched the relationship unfold, you鈥檙e most likely jumping at the opportunity to shower them in cutesy, romantic gifts (which you couldn鈥檛 give during the whole 鈥渋t鈥檚 complicated鈥 phase). You鈥檙e probably also psyched at the new opportunity to knock out two gifts in one. Here are a few notable gifts from the B+C Shop made for living vicariously through all the couples out there.

1. Custom Mixtape Pillow ($35): What could be sweeter than having their couple song in pillow form? Hurry, this one takes a week for shipping!

2. King + Queen Art Prints ($35): Because when you鈥檙e in love, you already feel like you rule the world.

3. Bisou Bisou Pillow ($30): Some couples are just forever caught in the smitten phase. Their couple style is sweet + simple: They鈥檝e been caught eskimo kissing over a single milkshake with two straws in it and they hold pinkies in public. If that sounds familiar, this is the pillow for them.

4. 3D Printed Camera Ornament ($30): The first Christmas tree together calls for a first ornament together. Slide a photo of the two of them into the lens of our 3D printed vintage camera ornament for a little piece of nostalgia they鈥檒l enjoy for years to come.

5. White Whale Cocktail Mixers 鈥 3 Pack ($30): Part of setting up house together is rounding out the home bar, and this three-pack of cocktail mixers will certainly do the trick.

6. Artisan S鈥檓ores Kit ($19): They don鈥檛 have to be outdoorsy types to enjoy a good, classic s鈥檓ore. Rest assured, this gift will be fuel for a GREAT date night, whether enjoyed over campfire or stovetop.

7. Eggs to My Bacon Tea Towel ($24): Does a better match exist? This has us wanting breakfast in bed.

8. Mason Shaker Gift Set ($50): After all the cocktails they鈥檒l be making you with their new ammo, this gift will more than pay for itself. So they can host this year鈥檚 NYE party, right? 鈥ight?

9. Let鈥檚 Climb a Mountain Together Print ($25): For some couples, there ain鈥檛 no mountain high enough. Cater to their spirit of adventure with this cool print that鈥檚 also available in other colors.

10. Custom Growth Chart ($20): The transition from couple to family is cause for celebration, and this growth chart is a great way to watch the little ones grow up.

11. 3D Printed Love Sculpture ($36): Love can be expressed in any number of ways. For the techy couple, it might be this 3D printed version of the classic pop art LOVE sculpture.

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