This summer, whether you want to hit up a beach or picnic in the park with your friends, your sunnies are a must-have accessory to shield your eyes from the glaring UV rays. Ideally, you鈥檇 like to throw on your frames, look as casually chic聽as Reese Witherspoon at brunch and not have to worry about it. Well, unfortunately for a large portion of the population, that鈥檚 just not the case.

We鈥檝e settled for a 鈥渙ne-size-fits-all鈥 mentality for when it comes to eyewear for decades, and while that鈥檚 a nice idea, the harsh reality is 鈥 as someone who has struggled with this her whole life 鈥 that most sunglasses are made for a Western face. The average Asian face has much lower nose bridges (not to discredit Asian with high nose bridges! I see you.), therefore 鈥渟lippage鈥 and uncomfortable cheek-indentations where the lenses end up resting on your face is a super common problem.


Florence Shin and Athina Wang were pretty fed up with that issue when they decided to found Covry Sunwear. They came up with the idea to create a line of sunglasses expressly made for Asian faces and for those with low nose bridges. They put Covry Sunwear on Kickstarter and have received an overwhelmingly positive response.


Aside from coming with all the tech that sunglasses these days can come with, like polarization and SPF protection, Covry sunglasses also have longer nose pads, a reduced frame curvature and a narrowed nose bridge that is ideal for those with flatter nose bridges. Also? These babies are just plain stylish.

So far on Kickstarter, Covry has reached $39,051 of their $18,500 goal and you can still pledge for a pair here to ship November 2015.

Raise your hand if you can鈥檛 wait for this line to launch!

What do you think of Covry鈥檚 line of sunglasses? Will you be buying a pair? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Mashable, photos via Covry Sunwear + @covrysunwear)