It’s Beer O’Clock! 15 Cozzies, Cozies, and Coozies
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It’s Beer O’Clock! 15 Cozzies, Cozies, and Coozies

You know what your next happy hour needs? Some fresh fashion. And by fashion, we mean beer cozys, of course. How can you deny that refreshing can of Coors Light a brand new outfit? :)

1. Fresh Prints ($10): Who knew that cozies could actually be chic? Is it weird that I want a sweater to match?

2. Monster Shark Cozy ($18): Cue the Jaws theme song.

3. Prescription Drink Cozy ($14): A cold one is just what the doctor ordered, don’t you think?

4. The Beast ($24): This one is insane, and makes us think of those old commercials for Hawaiian Punch.

5. Freaker Bottle Insulator ($15): The folks at Freaker have officially won us over with their stylish range of knit cozies.

6. Volitron Robot Knit Cozy ($13): Domo arigato Mr. Roboto. Best of all, these little beer sweaters fit on any can or bottle you’ve got.

7. Red Solo Cup ($8): Love the coldness of the can but can’t resist a classic red solo cup? Now you can have both. Cheers!

8. The “Beerd” Can Beard Coozie ($7): Gross! Okay this was almost too weird to be included but how can you not love a play on words?

9. Alley-Oop Cozy Pack ($12): How ’bout a little bit of typography with your brewski?

10. Pacman Cozy ($5): We love this pixelated Pacman print. It would also make a pretty awesome pocket square if hacked just perfectly.

11. Vanilla Ice-Ing ($10): Prefer a bottle of bubbly to a birthday cake?

12. Sasquatch Cozy ($11): Still on the hunt for sasquatch? A can or two of beer will definitely help the search.

13. Pizza Cozy ($5): What goes better with pizza than beer? :)

14. Knit Heart ($16): Wait for it… it’s a cozy coozie!

15. “Like” Cozy: ($10): And finally, “like.” That’s all folks!

Which is your favorite cozy of the bunch? Tell us in the comments below!