You know what your next happy hour needs? Some fresh fashion. And by fashion, we mean beer cozys, of course. How can you deny that refreshing can of Coors Light a brand new outfit? :)

1. Fresh Prints ($10): Who knew that cozies could actually be chic? Is it weird that I want a sweater to match?

2. Monster Shark Cozy ($18): Cue the Jaws theme song.

3. Prescription Drink Cozy ($14): A cold one is just what the doctor ordered, don’t you think?

4. The Beast ($24): This one is insane, and makes us think of those old commercials for Hawaiian Punch.

5. Freaker Bottle Insulator ($15): The folks at Freaker have officially won us over with their stylish range of knit cozies.

6. Volitron Robot Knit Cozy ($13): Domo arigato Mr. Roboto. Best of all, these little beer sweaters fit on any can or bottle you’ve got.

7. Red Solo Cup ($8): Love the coldness of the can but can’t resist a classic red solo cup? Now you can have both. Cheers!

8. The “Beerd” Can Beard Coozie ($7): Gross! Okay this was almost too weird to be included but how can you not love a play on words?

9. Alley-Oop Cozy Pack ($12): How ’bout a little bit of typography with your brewski?

10. Pacman Cozy ($5): We love this pixelated Pacman print. It would also make a pretty awesome pocket square if hacked just perfectly.

11. Vanilla Ice-Ing ($10): Prefer a bottle of bubbly to a birthday cake?

12. Sasquatch Cozy ($11): Still on the hunt for sasquatch? A can or two of beer will definitely help the search.

13. Pizza Cozy ($5): What goes better with pizza than beer? :)

14. Knit Heart ($16): Wait for it… it’s a cozy coozie!

15. “Like” Cozy: ($10): And finally, “like.” That’s all folks!

Which is your favorite cozy of the bunch? Tell us in the comments below!