One of our favorite things when we were children 鈥 crayons 鈥 are now combining with one of our favorite thing as adults 鈥 fashion. And, if we really think about it, Crayola has been infiltrating our grownup lives for awhile now. From showing up in our makeup bags to making an appearance in an art gallery, Crayola鈥檚 ubiquitous crayons have busted out of the box. And with their recent collaboration with Bloomingdale鈥檚, Crayola鈥檚 giving high fashion a try.


For Bloomingdale鈥檚 Spring 2015 campaign, they gave a few famous designers the task of creating clothing using crayons. The little romper above was designed by Derek Farrar and Laurieanne Gilner using the color Jungle Green. Color us ready for spring. If you鈥檙e lucky enough to be in in New York City, you can check out the looks at Bloomie鈥檚 59th Street store. If you鈥檙e not, keep on scrolling.

Bloomingdales_Crayola--14 (1)

Rebecca Taylor designed this spiky number using the color Midnight Blue. The midriff cutout makes this art project ready to hit da club.


Rebecca Minkoff is showing up everywhere in the news lately. And now she鈥檚 somehow managed to make a flowy shirt dress out of Banana Mania. Now that鈥檚 skill. We can鈥檛 help but wonder how much this easygoing dress weighs.


Torn by Ronny Kobo created so many different textures using their crayon color of choice. By cutting the crayons down, they were able to create something that looks like it could be worn IRL.


Nanette Lepore鈥檚 Unmellow Yellow dress looks like a feat of fashion engineering. She was able to achieve a range of shapes and textures by incorporating the points of the crayons.

If you had any doubts before, it should now be pretty clear how these talented designers made it big in the competitive world of fashion.

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(h/t Design Taxi, Photos via Matthew Carasella)