If you’ve ever wanted to snowboard in your mixing bowl or swim laps in your wine glass, Juxtaposer is the app for you. If you’ve ever wanted to swap heads with your cat or see what your best friend would look like with octopus limbs on the rings of Saturn, this is also the app for you. Juxtaposer is a photo layering app, which means you can combine multiple photos into surreal montages right from your phone — without pricey Photoshop!

The app is $2.99 and stocked with so many cool tools for bringing Alice in Wonderland-like effects into your life. You can add elements from as many photos as you like and blend with 20 different modes to create unique effects. Zoom in to work on details to make sure your masterpiece is pixel perfect.

They really encourage experimenting, and they’ve made it easy to undo steps in your creations. You can also save cutout images for later in the Stamp Manager. You can experiment willy-nilly and still get back to where you want to be and have your arsenal of funny cutouts ready to go.

Even creating the cutouts is easy with their “red mask” view. It shows just the top image with erased parts in red, so it helps cut out an element with precision — even on a small screen.

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