Between your girlboss work schedule, busy social calendar, and other adulting responsibilities, we’re willing to bet that you don’t have a lot of time for hobbies. So you might think there’s definitely no time to learn a cool new skill. We’re here to (nicely) tell you that you’re wrong. If you have a hankering to get creative and a spare hour to devote to a fun project, there’s no telling how well you can master these five easy-to-learn DIY skills.

1. Calligraphy: Fact — stationery envy is real. Just think how much time you’ve spent ogling over wedding invites or one-of-a-kind greeting cards on Pinterest. What if, instead, you took all the time you’ve spent (we won’t say “wasted”) in a state of jealousy and used it to learn how to recreate those styles all by yourself? Calligraphy is so surprisingly quick and easy to pick up that you’ll probably have extra time on your hands — time you can use to DIY a full set of stationery totally unique to you. Our Brit + Co DIY Calligraphy Kit ($20) and Calligraphy 101 Online Class ($29) are great places to get started!

2. Nail Art: It’s finally summer (woo!), and warmer temperatures and upcoming vacations call for a major statement mani. Why pay someone else to make your nails fabulous when you can turn it into a hobby for yourself? Check out our Nail Art Online Class ($9). In only one hour, you’ll get familiar with celebrity nail artist Stephanie Stone’s fave techniques, including ombre, layering, and geometric designs.

3. Water Brush Lettering: You know what that gallery wall you’ve been working to perfect is missing? A framed inspirational quote, written in brushed watercolor by none other than… you! Our Water Brush Lettering Online class ($29) is taught by a pro artist who can show you how to add a little flourish to signs, menus, logos, and anything else in your life that’s missing an extra flair. The class is just 54 minutes long. Who knew you could be a step closer to a modern Monet in less than an hour?

4. Flower Arranging: Creating the perfect flower arrangement is less complicated than you probably think, and you can learn all the basics in our Flower Arranging Online Class ($9). After just 25 minutes (yep, you read that right!) with floral gurus Christina Stembel and Rhiannon Smith, you’ll have all the tools you need to get started on sourcing, preparing, and designing totes gorgeous bouquets for your own home or special events.

5. Weaving: People have been making fiber crafts for yeeeeeaaaars, and we can see why! Learning the basics of weaving opens the doors to tons of DIY projects — wall decor, jewelry, old-school oven mitts (throwback much?), and more. Scoot over to Target and check out our Weave a Necklace Kit ($25) and Weave a Wall Hanging Kit ($25). You’ll have all the materials you need to get started on a weaving craft, plus access to the corresponding online classes. Before you know it, you’ll be a weaving machine!

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