Trends come and go, and while they aren鈥檛 all for everyone, knowing what鈥檚 popular with people can help you stay relevant. Whether you plan to rock some stylish spring #OOTDs, are looking to spruce up your home decor game, or just need to know what鈥檚 up for work purposes, Shutterstock鈥檚 latest report 鈥 which features 11 creativity and design trends to watch this year 鈥 is sure to serve as a source of ultra-valuable intel. Read on for the breakdown.

the Top 3 Creative Trends to Know This Year

A mysterious black cabin sits in a field of flowers

鈥淭his year鈥檚 report highlights some of the biggest year-over-year increases in Creative Trends history,鈥 highlights curator Robin Lange from the Shutterstock team. 鈥淭he strong data points to a few distinct trends and major increases in very specific themes.鈥

1. Fantasy: According to Shutterstock, search for recognizable fantasy characters is up in a huge way. Find it hard to believe? Consider that quite a few of our faves 鈥 like unicorns (up 297 percent) and mermaids (up 145 percent) 鈥 belong in this bucket.

2. New Minimalism: From clean white walls to a 鈥渓ess is more鈥 type of mentality, minimalism has evolved to suit modern times. Shutterstock shows that searches for 鈥渃ontinuous line鈥 increased by an impressive 432 percent, while the term 鈥渘eon circle鈥 was looked for 387 percent more. Pop of color, anyone?

3. Space: 鈥淭he creative world is taking note of box office hits with an emphasis on space,鈥 confirms the team at Shutterstock. To prove the point, data shows that solar searches have risen 991 percent, while interest in all things astro appears 671 percent more than it did last year. When it comes to sound, sci-fi-influenced synthwave has risen in popularity too. (Talk about a trend that鈥檚 literally out of this world!)

8 More Creative Trends to Get on Your Radar

Cherry blossoms in a waffle cone on a pastel pink and green background

1. Punchy Pastels: Pops of color can brighten up any drab design. Hues like bright blue and candy colors rule while helping redefine the meaning of delicate. Put one of these popular palettes to use to help give a space or look some punch.

2. Natural Luxury: Feel like you鈥檝e been seeing tons of cool bohemian stuff lately? It鈥檚 not your imagination. The Shutterstock report shows a real rise in the popularity of new age aesthetics, plus a big uptick in styles that incorporate marble and agate. 鈥淭hese add luxe effects that can be subtle or dramatic,鈥 the team notes.

3. Global March: It鈥檚 been about a century since the first big push for women鈥檚 suffrage around the globe, and this year has shown the continued rise of women with movements like #MeToo and Time鈥檚 Up. According to Shutterstock, searches for International Women鈥檚 Day are up 660 percent, while activism saw an increase of 540 percent. Awesome!

4. Digital Crafts: 鈥淭raditional paper- and fabric-centric crafts, like embroidery and paper art, have found new life in a new era,鈥 the Shutterstock team reports. But who鈥檚 really surprised? We know first-hand how far texture and whimsy can go on the web, even when limited by pixels and digital screens.

A closeup view of a blue agave plant

5. Cactus: Trending jungalows and dreamy, desert-inspired destinations have popped up everywhere on Instagram in recent months, while wallpapers and prints further prove the cactus鈥檚 increasing popularity. Online searches show the same interest in the spiky plant鈥檚 new age tendencies for health and healing 鈥 searches are up a significant 261 percent.

6. Ancient Geometrics: Everything old can be new again, and a fascination with ancient geometrics has crept up in searches. Specifically, it鈥檚 the term 鈥渁rabesque鈥 鈥 up a whopping 8,536 percent, it stood out as the most popular term for the entire year. Guilloche (an architectural ornamentation that looks like braided ribbons) and mandalas (a spiritual and ritual symbol) also prove to be popular as they show big search spikes. 鈥淚t鈥檚 clear that ancient geometrics are universally loved,鈥 agrees Lange; 鈥渢heir symmetry makes for a perfect backdrop, but it鈥檚 their ancient mystical nature that makes them such compelling design elements.鈥

7. Cryptocurrency: Searches for cryptocurrency are up a huge 1,264 percent as outlets continue to address the public鈥檚 curiosity about Bitcoin, Ripple, and other new intangible currencies. Looks like crypto-based convos aren鈥檛 likely to slow down anytime soon.

holographic paper

8. Holographic Foil: 鈥This is one to watch!鈥 the Shutterstock team promises. 鈥淯p 435 percent in searches, a holograph鈥檚 chameleon palette of shimmering colors works on so many levels: As a high or low culture, as old or new, as playful or serious 鈥 and it鈥檚 always beautiful in an application.鈥

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