You guys. We’ve seen the future. And it’s full of jumping cubes.

From the same country that brought us cellophane, muesli, and white chocolate (that’s Switzerland, in case you weren’t sure), comes Cubli, a robotic cube developed by The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control with the ability to walk, jump, and balance on its corner, and we’re geeking out over it.

The machine works on a set of spinning wheels, similar to what’s used in orbiting satellites with the added consideration of gravity. Three internally rotating wheels spin along three axis at different speeds, and it all adds up to is three awesome movements: (1) Controlling the fall of the cube to produce a walking action. (2) Suddenly braking for a jumping movement. And (3), our favorite, the impressive ability to balance any of its corners.

Thanks to super smart sensors, the device is reactionary too, meaning if you try to push it down while it’s balancing, it will stay upright, you big bully, you.

It’s hard to understand the extent of all its awesomeness without a demonstration. Let’s cut to video.

Impressed yet? Well brainiacs around the world are. There are already talks to use the technology for planetary exploration. So get ready to suit up. You might be going to Mars for your future grandchild’s high school graduation.

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