Apparently, there’s no good reason for ubber bands to be round. This news is a little life changing, so take a moment to digest. Y’good? Okay. The Japanese designers at Nendo have developed a working cubic rubber band. They recently developed a series of reimagined stationary goods that includes inventive paper clips, rulers and notebooks, but the rubber bands are bonkers.

Nendo claims the rubber bands aren’t just a novelty item. Their resting position is a cube, but they actually stretch and work just like regular rubber bands do, except you don’t have to have an anxiety attack every time you try to get one off that rubber band ball of yours. With so many old, brittle, about-to-snap rubber bands in that ball… never know when one will get you. It’s terrifying.

With these Nendo rubber bands, you might not even want to hide them in your desk drawer. And you’d definitely think twice before tossing one in the trash — a set of three retails at about $10.

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