If you鈥檝e caught yourself wondering when we鈥檙e going to arrive at the future, well, wonder no more鈥 With this new device, we鈥檝e made it. Cue takes us years beyond monitoring our health as we know it today. The small device uses samples from your body, such as saliva or blood, to evaluate your health. Within minutes of giving your sample, information is sent to its corresponding app, where it tracks changes in your health from day to day, then advises prime times for exercise based on your schedule, suggests foods to incorporate into your diet and even has your doctor on speed dial for when things get real.

Cue has the ability to measure five key hormones and molecules in our bodies 鈥 testosterone, fertility, inflammation, vitamin D and influenza. Firstly, let鈥檚 look at how Cue measures vitamin D. Take a finger-prick worth of blood, put it in the reader and slide it in the Cue box. In almost no time, stats will show up on your smartphone, telling you your vitamin D levels compared to the day before and, more impressively, if you鈥檙e in need of some sunshine, Cue then evaluates your schedule and checks the weather to tell you the optimum time to go outside each day to soak up those rays.

When it comes to finding out if you have influenza, swipe the inside of your or your kiddie鈥檚 or significant other鈥檚 nose and give the sample to Cue, which will not only diagnose but will also check if there鈥檚 an outbreak in your area, warn loved ones and contact your doctor for a prescription.

If it鈥檚 fertility you want to know more about, Cue can track testosterone levels and provide tips on the best times to workout and what you should be eating to improve levels. For women, it tracks fertility hormones and sends alerts when your body is peaking, information that鈥檚 invaluable for anyone trying to have a baby.

So, in review, Cue creates a personal exercise plan and diet plan based on your body鈥檚 chemistry and then goes on to alert you when you鈥檙e at risk of getting sick. What鈥檚 easier than having an app tell you exactly what to eat when immune system is threatened? Or the exact time to get the most out of your workout based on hormones in your body? We can only wait wide-eyed to see the impact Cue will have on our everyday lives. If you want to be one of the first to find health through an app, Cue is currently available to preorder at a discounted price of $199.

Which quality of Cue鈥檚 do you think will have the most impact? Would you purchase it? Let us know in the comments below!