Praise the fashion gods! They have smiled down upon us and revived yet another amazing trend — culotte shorts. Not a child of the Victorian Era… or the ’80s? Let us explain; these flowy shorts were originally invented to allow women to ride horses, but then made their way into modern-day fashion. We’re so grateful that they’re back, and we’ve got 15 wonderful pairs that’ll definitely help you cool off this season.

1. High Waisted Culotte Shorts ($23): This lemon yellow pair is the perfect way to start off. It’s simple enough to match with everything, but that color will add a whole lot of zing to your outfit.

2. Peanut Culotte Shorts ($98): Because every woman needs the opportunity to work out in peanut-covered clothing.

3. Culotte Shorts in Leopard Print ($29): Ah, leopard. This animal print is probably one of the best because of its versatility. You could easily dress these shorts up with a blazer and a blouse, or dress them down with a simple black tank. Either way, you will end up looking amazing!

4. Sunny Disposition Culottes ($138): We’re cheating a little bit with this one, because, oh my goodness, they make culotte rompers. Life couldn’t get any better!

5. Culotte Shorts in Plaid Check Print ($29): This is pretty much the most unique plaid print we’ve ever laid our eyes on. ASOS styled this perfectly, though you could probably lose the leather jacket for this time of the year.

6. Floral Printed Culotte Shorts ($29): Those adorable floral shorts, that sleek blouse, those super cute heeled sandals… We’re seriously crushin’ on this entire outfit.

7. High Rise Culotte Shorts ($55): Another cool thing about these shorts is that even though they’re quite loose, you can still rock ’em with a breezy top for the ultimate hot summer day outfit. Also, we’re huge fans of this magenta and grey print.

8. Maternity Culotte Shorts ($23): Hey there, hot mama-to-be! You can totally jump on this bandwagon, too. Actually, these might be more comfortable than any other maternity shorts!

9. Navy Culotte Shorts ($30): This is one of the prettiest patterns we’ve seen on a pair of culottes. It’d look so great with a tee, some gold bracelets and simple summer sandals (just like the picture!).

10. Culotte Shorts in Texture ($20): Oh yes, they even make textured pairs. Can we get a what-what?

11. Le Culotte Shorts ($198): Still missing your denim shorts? Well, check out these stylish dark denim culottes. You won’t ever miss those other ones again.

12. Culotte Shorts in Pony Print ($18): Um, everyone should want a pair of shorts with ponies all over it. Seriously, these are quirky and adorable.

13. Culotte Shorts in Nude ($80): Is there such a thing as midi shorts? There should be. Side note: Where and how quickly can we get those glamorous gold sandals?

14. Stephanie Culotte Shorts ($35): They even make lace culottes!

15. Culotte Shorts in Tropical Print ($18): This is such a fun print, and it would be perfect for a trip to the beach. Tropical vacations, here we come.

Are you as in love with this culotte trend as we are? Tell us in the comments below!