Ladies, we are in an enlightened age of body-positive self-love. Finally! Everyone from magazines to fitness companies is jumping on board with what we have always known: Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes. More than ever, working out isn’t about getting skinny — it’s about taking care of yourself. So how do you keep up a steady fitness routine without losing your curves? We looked to six fitness Instagrammers to check the moves they use to enhance their favorite features.

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I'm teaching the noon flow at @durhamyoga today & it's my next to last @durhamyoga class for the summer- see y'all at noon! While walking along the Thames outside the #tatemodernmuseum, @photoyography & I came across this giant bubble blowing display. Rosa asked the artist if we could shoot right in the midst of his beautiful scene. You know me- I was mad shy and embarrassed to break up his display. Not to mention that everyone and their mum was milling around and many of those people stopped to stare at and photograph the chubby black American in flower pants. But there was a lot of smiling and laughing. And Rosa totally distracted from my "stage fright", enough for me to eventually pose on the Millennium Bridge. But this was one of the first shots from that day and it's reminding me to feel really grateful for all the photographers who have pushed me out of my comfort zone this year. I am very shy when it comes to this kind of photography because my attitude towards yoga asana photographs has changed so dramatically since the beginning of my yoga practice. But the best photographers have been sympathetic to my concerns while also getting my ass out into the middle of dense urban traffic if necessary. And it's because they've all been chill enough to just let me do my thing. Anyway, you know who you are, and both me and my practice are really fucking grateful for you. Bodysuit- @danskinapparel Leggings- @lineagewear 📸 by @photoyography

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1. Big-Toe Pose: Stretching muscles is a key factor in being able to build them — like anything else, the more flexible they are, the more room they have to grow. Yogi @mynameisjessamyn shows off one of the best poses for stretching hamstrings and activating the leg and core muscles necessary to maintain balance. Try using a strap or bending your knee until you work up to the full extension.

2. Shifting Lunge Pulse: Trainer @annavictoria does this move with celeb clients like Carrie Underwood to build strong thighs and glutes. Simply get in lunge position and pulse 10 times, then shift your body forward and do 10 more pulses, and finally shift back and pulse 10 more times. This lunge variation will make your entire lower body feel like it’s on fire, but that just means it’s working! Start with no weights — as AV warns, the exercise is much harder than it looks.

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Want a strong core? I got a core challenge for you loves! [Tag a friend] // les tengo un reto de abdominales mis amores, están listos? @mawarriors All you need is a slider, but if you don't have one, just grab a towel on a slippery surface. This is going to require flexibility, if you're lacking it, I will post a few of my favorite shoulder stretches to get you there. [Perform this move 3-4 times a week. 5-6 sets of 5-15 reps]. The more you practice it, the easier it will become. If you're a beginner, practice your regular planks first as this move is a bit more advanced and requires you to have strong stabilizing core muscles. Don't forget to squeeze your glutes at the top to protect your spine at all times. Www.Massyarias.Com _____________________________________________________________ Solo necesitas unos deslizadores pero si no tienes, toma una toalla y hazlo en una superficie deslizante. Se requiere flexibilidad, pero si no la tienes yo estaré publicando uno de mis estiramientos favoritos para los hombros. DALE! [realiza este ejercicio 3-4 veces a la semana. 5-6 series de 5-20 repeticiones] mientras más lo practiques, más facilidad tendrás. Como este ejercicio requiere que tengas la fuerza abdominal necesaria para estabilizar tu espina, si eres principiante, practica los tablones normales hasta que se conviertan algo de segunda naturaleza. Aprieta los glúteos cuando estés completamente paralelo al piso para protejer tu espina. #happytuesday #ma30day #mawarrior #girlpower #abs #abguide #childofgod #hijadecristo

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3. Reverse Plank With Slides: Reverse planks work the obliques, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings to give you an all-around core workout. Add slides like fitness darling @massy.arias to power up the abs and triceps. Start like you’re going to do a tricep dip with legs straight and bum lifted off the floor, then glide through to reverse plank. Swing back. Repeat.

4. Goblet Squats: When it comes to keeping buns meaty, the squat is queen. Trouble is, we often do it wrong. Fitness model @lajoy224 promotes goblet squats, which help ensure you keep proper form throughout: Holding the weight in front of your chest aids in keeping your back straighter, and you’ll know it’s time to rise back up when your elbows brush the inside of your thighs. Plus, you also work out the arms and midsection. So grab a weight (or a big jug of water) and drop it!

5. Decline Push-Up: Push-ups are the forever-favorite move for strong arms, chest, and shoulders. Plus you target the abs while you’re at it too! @plankingforpizza teaches us how to take it to the next level by hiking legs up on a bench. The higher the incline, the harder your upper body has to work.

6. One-Legged Cable Kickback: California-based @missdollycastro is all about playing up her hourglass figure. She does kickbacks because they not only work out the butt but also strengthen the lower back, which improves posture and core strength and makes you look curvier from behind. Sign us up! Hook an ankle strap to a low cable pulley, hold the frame for support, and bend your knees slightly as you kick back until your body is almost parallel to the floor. You can get a similar effect at home with heavy ankle weights.

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