Danica Roem may lack experience when it comes to state politics, but that doesn’t mean the newly elected state Virginia House delegate isn’t already a queen when it comes to diplomacy. Having handily beaten incumbent Bob Marshall — AKA Virginia’s self-described “chief homophobe” — you’d think Roem wouldn’t have much to say about the former district rep, but her response to being asked about Marshall is all class.

Even though Marshall famously tried to get his own version of an anti-trans “bathroom bill” passed into law this year, and even though that law, the “Physical Privacy Act,” would have encouraged state educators to out trans kids to their parents, and Marshall tried to stop gay marriage in the state, Roem still did not have anything negative to say about the former delegate.

“I don’t attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now,” Roem told reporters on Tuesday, proving exactly why she was elected in her opponent’s place.

Marshall had spent his campaign lambasting his opponent, misgendering her, accusing her of being a bathroom predator, and more. Instead of striking back, the representative-elect focused on hope and respect and beat Marshall by more than 10 points.

Of course, Roem isn’t the only openly trans person to win during yesterday’s election. Andrea Jenkins won a municipal council election in Minneapolis, and Lisa Middleton (Palm Springs) and Tyler Titus (Erie) both won local elections as well.

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(Featured photo via Danica Roem for Delegate)