Over the past few years, dating has really become a fully customizable experience. Not only can you swipe until your heart’s content, you can also narrow the pool to reflect pretty much exactly what you’re looking for. Trying to find a fellow redhead? Allow us to introduce you to Redhead Dates. A partner who is just as Disney-obsessed as you are? Mouse Mingle is calling your name. And now there is yet another niche site to hit the market. Introducing, Spex, a dating website made just for all you four-eyes out there.


The site, which is currently only available as a website, launched last month. Their tagline: “Putting the sex back into wearing specs.” LOL. Spex was created by UK-based dating industry expert Charly Lester. Her mission to go on 30 blind dates before turning 30 turned into a hit blog (aptly titled 30 Dates). She also founded the UK Dating Awards.

Setting up a profile on Spex is free and similar to other dating apps and websites. It will take some crucial info + photos from your Facebook, which you can alter depending on privacy preferences. You’ll need to post your age, location, height and specify whether you wear glasses yourself or if you’re interested in people who do. If you do wear glasses you’ll have to finish this sentence using five words or less: “I think my glasses make me look…”

On the website, Lester writes, “The thing about glasses, is that they can tell you a lot about someone’s personality. They are something you choose to wear day in, day out. And so you need to love the glasses you wear and feel confident wearing them. I think SPEX can help people find that confidence, and realize just how great they look with their glasses on.”


These niche dating sites can feel a little gimmicky, but we’ll go ahead and say this one is pretty tame. If you’re itching to give it a try please allow us to throw out a few first date ideas.

1. A road trip to a Warby Parker retail location

2. An evening at the movie theater where you both sit in the very back row of a foreign film trying to see who can read the subtitles better

3. A scheduled pick-up after you’ve had your eyes dilated and need a guide to help you navigate the streets

And with those three brilliant (not to mention ultra romantic) ideas, we’ll leave you to start working on that profile.

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(Photo via Alys Tomlinson/Getty)