We’ve seen a proposal video shot in 26 different countries as well as some pretty epic time lapse maternity videos, but one heartfelt video we haven’t seen much of is two parents singing to their future adopted child – and yes, it is just as sweet as it sounds.

Inspired by Meghan Trainor’s song, “Dear Future Husband,” two Minnesota dads-to-be, Joe and Joey, decided to make a video titled “Dear Future Baby” in hopes of standing out and connecting with a potential birth mother. Their video opens with a sweet sentiment that reads, “We have always dreamed of becoming fathers, and through adoption we hope to expand our family. We’ve decided to try something a little different; we wrote our future baby this love song.”

The video then shoots to Joe and Joey in a recording studio singing a personalized version of Meghan’s song (and can we just say, that aside from this being a super sweet idea, these two are also really great singers). The altered lyrics feature fun lines like, “We won’t let you cry/Always keep you dry/Even when ya diaper makes us wanna freaking die.” They then get a little less silly and a whole lot more adorable with lines like, “If you need us we’ll be right there in a flash/We’ll be putting all your artwork on the fridge/We’ll help you get good grades/And go to all your games/We promise you/We we promise you baby.”

The heartfelt video even caught the attention of actress Jane Lynch. The Glee star posted the video on her twitter account alongside the caption, “That’s one lucky baby.” Meghan Trainor herself also caught wind of the video and tweeted, “I love this! What an amazing story!” Now, somebody please help get this couple a baby ASAP.

Do you know of any videos similar to Joe and Joey’s? If so, share a link with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Facebook and Life Long Adoptions)