We love weddings. They鈥檙e fun (because drinks and dancing). They鈥檙e sweet (because romance). And, perhaps most importantly, they involve CAKE. Now, we鈥檝e been loving taco weddings and brunch weddings, but the latest wedding food trend is all about the cake鈥 and it鈥檚 *pretty.* Cue the deckle-edged cake.

The deckle edge is a pretty, sophisticated look reminiscent of a certain wedding invitation design. Many stationers incorporate the deckle edge into wedding invites, so if you鈥檝e opted for this kind of stationery, pulling the look into your cake will really complete the theme.

While the deckle edge is a modern design, it鈥檚 reminiscent of linen, and therefore has a soft, airy, romantic quality.

Given its romantic appearance, we think the deckle-edged cake would pair perfectly with a white or yellow cake, or perhaps something slightly more refined, like lemon poppyseed. But really, any wedding cake flavor will do. Just be prepared to shed a little tear when you cut into this gorgeous design.

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(Photos via Martha Stewart Weddings)