Wouldn’t it be magical if you could, with the click of a button, have warm cookies delivered to your door? Well, guess what? You totally can. Whether you want alcohol, clean laundry, a new phone charger or just a bag of groceries for some healthy cooking adventures, check out these 12 brilliant apps that happily do all your errands for you. You’ll never have to leave your house again (though you probably should).


1. Ingredients for Tonight’s Dinner: Way beyond your traditional grocery delivery, Good Eggs allows you to get a certain “bundle” for a specific task. For example, want to do more juicing? You can get a juice-specific box delivered. Want to make beef stew this week? There’s a box for that too. If you’re in the Bay Area, Brooklyn, Los Angeles or New Orleans, they’ll aggregate, pack and deliver your goods to your door for free. Depending on what you get, the bundles range between $11 and $47.


2. Your Laundry, Clean: With the Washio app, you can schedule your laundry and dry cleaning for pickup and delivery. Currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and DC, this wonderful service will pick up, wash and deliver your clothes back to you within 24 hours. Wash and fold starts at $1.60 per pound, and there’s a $20 minimum. (Free on iOS)


3. Booze: Running a little low on booze during a party? Instead of running out on your own party to stock up, get all your alcohol delivered at the push of a button thanks to Saucy. Sorry East Coast: So far it’s only available in LA and San Francisco. (Free on iOS and Android)


4. Anything and Everything: WunWun is an everything delivery app that takes “everything” just a little bit further. Rather than being restricted to certain stores, WunWun will go to any store, deliver from any restaurant and even deliver your keys to your roommate. Essentially, it’s like Postmates or the dream friend who doesn’t mind running all your errands for you. (Free on iOS)


5. Farm to Table Food: Be one of the first people to try Maple when it’s released later this year. You’ll be able to place orders from a menu crafted by top chefs and farmers. Each meal will run $12-$15, which includes tax, tip and delivery charges. They guarantee a 15-minute delivery window to ensure that all meals arrive hot.


6. Dinner From Your Favorite Restaurant That Doesn’t Deliver: You’ll never have to choose between delivery and your favorite restaurant again, because Door Dash brings you food from whatever restaurant you want. With availability in multiple cities, this app offers services from some of the best restaurants in the area. (free on iOS)


7. Warm Cookies: When that cookie craving hits, Doughbies will be at your door with warm cookies in 20 minutes or less, making it perfect for almost-forgotten birthdays, office parties or emergency break-up snacks.


8. A Makeup Artist: Running late for a special event? Download Vensette, select the look you are going for and a beauty dream team shows up at your door bearing mini champagne bottles. This service is only available to the lucky ladies of New York, LA, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Miami, but we’re hoping it makes its appearance around the country soon. Hair service starts at $100 and makeup at $150. (free on iOS)


9. A Hairstylist: No matter how many posts we read about on how to do a fishtail braid, some of us still can’t manage to tame that beast, which is why it’s nice to put your locks in the hands of a pro sometimes. Glamsquad has a whole menu of styles and once you make your selection, a stylist will be on your doorstep in the time it takes you to get your hair out of its messy bun. The service is currently available in New York, LA and Miami. Blowouts start at $50, braids at $75, updos at $85 and makeup at $75. (free on iOS)


10. A Massage: Who hasn’t dreamed of having a massage in the comfort of their own home? Currently only available in San Francisco, Unwind Me lets you book appointments from licensed therapists with as little as an hour’s notice. Treat yourself or your loved ones — services start at $85.


11. 3D Printed Roses: With a cluster of these 3D printed roses, your loved ones can keep their V-Day bouquet around forever. Buy a single rose for $15 or half a dozen for $65, and if you’re in the San Francisco area, we guarantee they will get them by February 14. Don’t live in SF? We’ll package your roses to arrive the week of Valentine’s Day.


12. Coffee: What’s worse than running out of coffee on a rough morning? Probably nothing. Thankfully, Blue Bottle is there to rescue you with regular deliveries of coffee. Whether you need a bag weekly or monthly, never be caught coffee-less again. Plus it’s easy to pause or redirect your shipment if you go on vacation.

Do you use delivery apps? Share your favorites in the comments below!