Chris Pratt on a press tour is seriously what the world needed toward the end of 2016. The man is all over the internet thanks to all the interviews he’s been doing with Jennifer Lawrence for their new film Passengers. He has surprised us all by seamlessly slipping into German mid-interview, made us LOL by purposefully cropping J.Law out of all their photos together and now he may have just started a new viral beauty challenge.

Just yesterday, Chris posted a video on Instagram of him getting his makeup done. He captioned the vid, “When I got delirious on these press tours I like to do my own makeup by having @bridgetbragerhair hold the makeup sponge and I dance my face pretty.” You can see he’s having a blast jamming out mid-makeup sesh. We can also foresee all of the internet doing the same. Just wait. #Danceyourfacepretty is about to start trending on Instagram. We’re calling it now.

Chris, we’d just like to take a sec to thank you for saving our sanity as we close out the most WTF year ever.

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