For a lot of us, the first time we ever had a movie crush came when we watched Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa in Casper (or Now and Then鈥 take your pick). While the actors have moved on and we鈥檝e grown up (slightly), our 鈥90s nostalgia seems to be really far-reaching these days. While we鈥檝e mostly been enjoying 鈥90s makeup trends, Devon has us reminiscing about our fave movies of yore this week as well, all because of a single Tweet.

Napa Valley Film Festival 2015

In a series of seemingly late-night posts, everyone鈥檚 former tween heartthrob announced that he was 鈥渞eady鈥 to return for Casper 2. How (and when!) exactly the now 38-year-old would be a part of the project is beyond us, but we have to admit, we鈥檇 watch it.

Devon is known for his hilarious Twitter feed these days, so it鈥檚 possible that his admission that he鈥檇 play the real-life version of the ghost again could just be a joke (albeit a cutting one for those who were totally in love with him in the original).

He also called out his Now and Then script writer (and current Pretty Little Liars writer) I. Marlene King for a sequel of Now and Then before crushing our hopes and dreams for a Casper 2: Ouch.

Frankly, we don鈥檛 know WHAT to think, but maybe his tweets will see a major studio reboot of the coming-of-age ghost movie after all. Since he鈥檚 a parent now himself, we鈥檙e sure he鈥檇 fit right in as the dad, originally played by Bill Pullman. But which current heartthrob can fill his mighty shoes as the real life boy? We鈥檒l leave that to the casting directors.

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