How cool would it be to create your own digital wallpapers for your phone and desktop? We know there’s an abundance of designs already out there, but there’s not something that’s made by YOU… yet!

The amazing Jenna Rainey is back for a second class, all about turning your hand-drawn or painted creations into digital artwork. In DIGITIZE ARTWORK IN ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, Jenna will show you how to turn quick illustrations into versatile digital files that you can use as fun and colorful wallpapers for your desktop and phone.

By the end of this class, you’ll walk away with two playful wallpapers, one featuring a cactus pattern and the other featuring multicolored citrus.

You’ll get access to a 61-minute beginner-friendly class, nine lessons to help you complete your final project, two additional designs that you can practice with, AND an exclusive 11-page class workbook available in your course downloads.

By the end of this class, you’ll know how to:

  • Sketch fun and playful objects using a brush pen, a paintbrush, and black ink to use as part of a custom pattern.
  • Upload your designs into Adobe Illustrator and live trace to create vector files.
  • Use shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator to make designing in the program quick and easy.
  • Use repeat patterns, rotations, and color theory to create an eye-catching composition.
  • Size your designs so that you can seamlessly use them as a wallpaper for your desktop or phone.

Enroll in DIGITIZE ARTWORK IN ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR today and get started on creating your own awesome designs. We’d love to see them! So don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @britandco and use the hashtag #iamcreative.