Whether you’re a dye-obsessed lady with mermaid tresses or a braid lover who crafts new ‘dos for every occasion, we know protecting your hair is a major priority. While we’ve all had an LOL-worthy hair fail or two, we’re all about keeping our hair feeling and looking awesome. In celebration of our November B+C Book Club pick, Me, My Hair, and I: 27 Women Untangle an Obsession, we’re sharing our favorite hair-strengthening mask that’s perfect for everyone, but works especially well on thin, damaged or dyed hair. Scroll on to get all the deets!

How to DIY a Hair-Strengthening Mask

Step (23)

Ingredients and Tools:

– olive oil

– 1 lemon

– 1 egg

– honey

– rosemary

– 2 bowls

– teaspoon

– knife

– spatula

– citrus squeezer

Step (1)


1. Take a couple of small rosemary branches and let them marinate in approximately half a cup of olive oil for five minutes.

2. Meanwhile, crack one egg into a bowl.

3. Add two teaspoons of honey.

4. Cut your lemon in half and squeeze all of the juice into the bowl.

5. Remove the rosemary from the olive oil, then pour the oil into the other mixture.

6. Stir until combined and voilà — you’re ready to put it in your hair, starting from the roots and massaging it all over the ends.

step 2

First of all, we’re going to create an infused oil (our DIY essential oil). Pour half of a cup of olive oil into your bowl, then add a couple rosemary branches and let everything marinate for a while. Olive oil is such a nourishing ingredient, while rosemary gives your hair extra shine. Next, crack an egg in your other bowl, then add two teaspoons of organic honey. Honey and eggs are both great restructuring ingredients, perfect for your hair and your skin as well. At this point we need something to mask the egg smell. So take a lemon and cut it in half.

step 2

Squeeze the lemon juice into the mixture. Then add your essential oil (removing the rosemary branches first). Stir all of your ingredients together, and ta-da! Your mask is ready. Start from the roots and completely cover the ends. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash your hair as you normally would. You will be left with revived, healthy-looking hair ;)

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