Everybody has that one pair of chunky-heeled boots that fits perfectly and they like to wear nearly every day. The only issue with these ultra wearable shoes: They can be a little bit boring. Rather than trading them in for a trendy pair that makes both your feet and wallet ache, why not challenge yourself to spruce them up a bit? With just some beads and super glue, you can hack an old pair of booties and embrace one of the hottest spring trends: embellished chunky heels ;)

Materials and Tools:

  • old pair of chunky-heeled boots
  • self-adhesive beads in different shapes
  • super glue


1. Arrange your beads to create a flower, as shown below.

2. Create two more flowers.

3. Add more rounded beads to complete the pattern. Then repeat on the other side of the heel.

4. Repeat steps one, two, and three on the left shoe.

5. Use the super glue to secure the beads in place and let everything dry overnight.

First start by arranging your beads to create a flower, as shown above. I used a rounded bead in the center and five egg-shaped beads to create the petals. Once you’re done, keep on creating more flowers, then complete the embellishment with some random rounded beads. Finally, repeat everything on the other shoe and use the super glue to secure the beads in place. Let everything dry overnight and you’re ready to rock your booties.

With this bold embellished heel, these budget-friendly boots are guaranteed to keep all eyes on you.

Dress them down with jeans or slip on some rad tights for a night out.

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