‘Tis the season to bust out those vials of glitter and get your dazzling eye game on! Now, glitter makeup is tricky business because with one wrong move you could easily go from a sophisticated sparkle to looking like an art project gone awry… on your face. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t necessarily need to wear it minimally or even be concerned with the right hue or pigment to best pop against your skin tone. Rather, focus on how to balance the sparkly flecks with the rest of your makeup, as well as how to apply it the right way, in order to achieve a party-ready (and party-proof!) look. Here are three wearable + DIY-able approaches to glamming up with glitter this season.

Glitter Smokey Eyes + Berry Lips

Pair this glittering smokey eye with a berry lipstick that will give your look the perfect flirty balance. Even though the eyes and lips are both dramatic, the berry lip is muted just enough as not to distract from the glittering marvel on your eyelids.

1. Start with your everyday base makeup and apply a berry lip.

2. On your brow bone and inner corners of your eyes and inner eyelids, apply a matte white eyeshadow like MAC’s Gesso ($23) using a flat eyeshadow brush. This will create a nice silvery reflection on the gold glitter (that’s coming up!) to give the illusion that you have two types of glitter on. #makeuphack

3. Using a fluffy brush, apply a deep brown eyeshadow likeNaked’s Buck ($54) across your lids.

4. Now go over the outer corners of your crease with a deep black shadow like Naked’s Creep ($54) on a fluffy brush. Make sure you blend really well to leave no harsh lines.

5. Using a flat firm brush, apply the same black eyeshadow, smudging it along your lower lash line and making the line thinner as you get closer to your inner corners.

6. The secret to keeping glitter in place is glitter glue — our product of choice is Glitter Glue by Too Faced ($26). Apply a thin layer to the inner corners and partially onto your eyelids using your finger.

7. Now gently tap on a gold glitter directly over the glitter glue using your finger. I used MAC’s Glitter in Gold ($45). Let the glitter glue completely dry for the strongest hold before you move on to the next step.

8. Now line your eyes with a black gel eyeliner. Use a fine point liner brush for precision.

9. Go over the liner with the same black eyeshadow as before on a small brush to create a more smudgy, soft (sexy) finish.

10. To really make this look pop, you want to apply a white eyeliner to the inside of your lower lash line. I am using Wet N’ Wild’s white pencil ($5).

11. Add a thin line of glitter glue underneath your eyeliner on the lower lash line with a thin brush, and then with the same brush, gently tap gold glitter onto the fine line.

12. Apply your favorite mascara to finish.

Stunning, we know.

Sparkle-Lined Cat Eye + Classic Red Lips

This look has a subtle retro vibe to it, but with an unmistakable holiday twist. A classic cat eye gets even sleeker with a snowy outline. Pair with a classic red lip for a look made to be worn with an all-white ensemble.

1. Start with a matte bronzed base face and bright red lip.

2. Begin by applying a cream-colored eyeshadow like MAC’s Vanilla ($27) to your entire eyelids, brow bones and inner corners of your eyes using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

3. Use a black gel eyeliner and a fine point liner brush to draw on a thin cat eye.

4. Line the inside of your lower lash line with a white eyeliner like Prestige Waterproof Liner in Star ($6).

5. Here’s the punch: apply a glitter gel liner like Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy ($19) directly on top of your black cat eye line and on the inner corner of your lower lash line.

6. Apply your favorite mascara to finish.

There’s really no other way to wear a cat eye this season. Except maybe…

Tinseled Taupe Cat Eye + Naturally Nude Lips

This is a great way for the naturalist — the gal who does not regularly wear a lot of makeup — to really shine without getting into anything too high maintenance. The best thing about this tinsel-lidded style is that you literally could apply chapstick to your lips to finish the look — and yep, it’s still majorly glamorous. That means once you’ve aced this eye application, you’re ready to hit the road. On dasher!

1. Start with a natural base face and a nude or glossed lip.

2. Add a deep taupe eyeshadow like Naked’s Buck ($54) to the crease of your eyes using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

3. Using your finger, apply a deeper cool brown like Naked’s Darkhorse ($54) to the outer corners of your eyes. Using your finger gives it a really soft subtle finish.

4. The beauty of this next glitter product is that you don’t need a base for it to stay on! Apply MAC’s Pressed Pigment in Angelic ($21) with your finger to your entire eyelids by gently tapping over the shadow you already applied so you don’t rub it off.

5. Apply winged eyeliner using black gel eyeliner on a fine point brush.

6. Apply your favorite mascara to finish.

Add to the shimmer with an ear cuff or lariat necklace to really stand out from the crowd.

What glitter makeup looks are you planning on wearing this holiday? Tell us about your favorite sparkle-filled products (+ ones that make ’em stay put!) in the comments below.