What’s cooler than cool? Ice cold, of course and this time around we’re not talking about your ‘tude. In the archives of one super chill design-a-day Tumblr, one of the coolest DIYs we’ve ever seen has been hiding for years, waiting to be busted out at just the right time. Like, how about now, right before a weekend and summer filled with sweaty fun in the sun?

Our friends over at PSFK dug up this project for DIY Ice Cube Jewelry on design duo Mathery Studio’s 2010 Tumblr. And, yes, you need to make them for tomorrow’s BBQ now. All you need are some accessories that can get wet + water + a freezer.

They submerged necklace chains and bracelet cuffs in water in ice cube trays and froze them to give “ice” a whole new meaning. Forget your Hot Girls Pearls or whatever SkyMall is hocking for power walkers these days, this is the best jewelry to keep you cool.

We know the “DIY project” is more tongue-in-cheek than anything, but these could still be super fun favors for your next party. Mix up some glitter, throw a charm or confetti in there and watch your guests sweat it out in style.

Whether or not you cool down at a hot BBQ this weekend with the chillest jewelry ever, Mathery Studio’s Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli will make you melt on the daily. Their site and social media unlock a treasure trove of ideas and regular doses of inspiration for fans of genius life hacks and kooky designs.

Back in their design school days (when the ice cube necklace was born), they started a Tumblr to turn 100 oft-wild ideas into objects in 100 days. Their projects, like a tree swing made from a roll of plastic wrap, a bike basket constructed from pine cones and a jellyfish clothespin system, show upcycling at its most genius.

Fast forward four years and Mathery Studio is kind of a big deal. Today, their Instagram is brimming with wild collections, and ideas come to life that you can actually shop. Check out their Fruit Wares homeware collection and the most perfect tablecloth for breaking bread on ever (above!). Aw, we’ll always remember them for the ice cube bling.

What do you think of DIY ice cube jewelry? Do you have any “coooool” DIYs we should know about? How bomb is Mathery Studio? Let’s chat all about all of that below!

(h/t PSFK)