Bend the Knee With This DIY Jon Snow Halloween Costume
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Bend the Knee With This DIY Jon Snow Halloween Costume

Now that Jon Snow’s background is becoming a little more clear in the last season of Game of Thrones, one thing remains certain: We *love* this man. He’s loyal, smart, badass, and — might we add — totally babelicious. So whether you decide to be Night’s Watch Jon Snow, Wildling-Lover Jon Snow, Dead Jon Snow, Battling-Ramsey Jon Snow, or King of the North Jon Snow this Halloween, we think any and all will be Hallo-wonderful. Cloaked in fur and ready for battle (though when isn’t he), season seven Jon Snow is seemingly always ready for winter. DIY your own version with the instructions below.

Materials and Tools:

  • black cloak
  • faux fur in black and a variety of colors
  • faux black leather
  • faux beige leather
  • gray gloves
  • black shoes
  • hot glue
  • safety pins

Costume Details: Buy black velvet robe from the thrift store and cut it open to use as the cloak. Just glue or safety pin various pieces of faux fur onto the top of the cloak to create the shoulder piece. Look for leftover strips of fur for cheap at the craft store. For the armor, fold two yards of the beige faux leather over and cut out the hole for your head. If the sides need to be trimmed to fit your body, go ahead and do that. Then you can create the black faux leather straps in a cross over the upper portion of the armor and either attach with hot glue or safety pins. We used the same beige faux leather to make arm straps and leg wraps.

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