Just because Easter (aka an excuse for an epic Easter brunch) is usually filled with lots of fun for kids — think Easter egg hunts and awesome DIY Easter baskets — it doesn’t guarantee that boredom won’t strike when, say, family time takes over. Whether you’re looking to keep the little ones entertained or you’re plotting an escape route for yourself, these eight easy to do and fun to complete kits are just what you need for a little solid distraction.

pom bunny

1. Seedling DIY Pom Pom Bunny Kit ($20): Besides being mega fun to put together, this little bunny can be the source of endless imaginative play for the rest of the day and beyond. iPads — who needs ’em?

pom kit

2. Loome Pom Pom Kit ($25): If you want to take the DIY pom idea to the next level, this kit starts you from the very beginning. Making your very own poms is the best way to start an epic Easter DIY project.

spring cookie kit

3. Acme Party Box Co. Spring Milk and Cookies Set ($19): Just in case there’s not enough candy around, this spring cookie kit will make sure the sugar quota is met. Baking is super fun, is a great way for kids to learn and gives you a yummy dessert to enjoy afterwards.

cake kit

4. Sprinkle Bakes Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit ($34): Give water coloring with the little ones a try — on a cake! This is totally different than anything you’ve done with them before and with the step by step guide that comes with it, you’re sure to end up with nothing less than perfection.

bunny mask

5. Seedling DIY Bunny Mask ($20): There’s no reason to wait for the Easter Bunny when you can be the Easter Bunny with this super cute DIY bunny mask. Decorate it however you’d like, and have tons of fun hopping around eating carrots afterwards.

bird house

6. Seedling DIY Bird House ($30): Put this super quaint bird house together, and spend the afternoon with the little ones coaxing birds into your backyard with some nesting supplies and a little bit of bird food. You’ll certainly be in for a magical Easter, we promise.

dog leash kit

7. Dog Milk Dip Dyed Rope Leash Kit ($29): Fido shouldn’t be left out of all the fun! While the little kiddies will probably get lots of goodies in their baskets, take some time with them to create something special for your pup. It’s just as much fun to give as it is to receive!

wing kit

8. Seedling DIY Butterfly Wings ($20): If you’re looking for a whimsical way to spend a day, look no further. Order up a couple of these kits, make your very own butterfly wings and spend a day fluttering around a park like a butterfly with the kiddies in the most spring-tastic way possible.

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