Can you believe it has been almost a year since we did #31DaysofDIY and showed you everything you need to know about nail polish marbling?! Time sure flies when you’ve been DIYing. After picking up the best gifts for all of our friends this year, our budgets for revamping our new year style are low. Fear not! We’ve got a penny-pinching way for you to spruce up old accessories to look trendy and new this year. One (okay, two) words: spray paint.


Materials and Tools:

— spray paint

— plastic container

— water

— old accessories



1. Fill your container up with water.

2. Add a layer of spray paint onto the top of the water.

3. Let your wallet kiss the top of the water and then pull away.

4. Let dry for five minutes, then wipe away the water droplets.


As you can see, we’ve marbled in the container before. Add water until it is about two inches from the top of the container.


Spray the spray paint onto the surface of the water. It will naturally spread and marble with the water. Let your wallet kiss the top of the water to pick up the spray paint design, then pull away.


Yes! We’re going to gold marble everything right now.


Use a stick to stir the water and collect the leftover spray paint.


Gold is awesome, but let’s throw in some white. Spray the paint into the water container and let it marble. Kiss one side of the purse to the water and then pull away.


Let the bag dry for about five minutes, then wipe away the water droplets.


Marbled spray paint is the perfect addition to an old bag. We can’t get enough of the gemstone marbled look!


When in doubt, a LBD will always work for any occasion.


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