Do you know what instantly makes parties way more fun? When everyone can wear fun party hats!

That鈥檚 why we went ahead and looked to some of our favorite DIY bloggers to create this roundup of party hats that you can make for your next get-together. We鈥檝e got hats for your little ones, for birthday celebrations, for festive dinner parties, or simply just to wear whenever you want to. We won鈥檛 judge.


Hats off to you for bringing the fun to the party!

Need some more ideas for party decor? Check out our Let鈥檚 Par-DIY E-Class instructed by Jesi Haack, the best of the best when it comes to event planning.


In just 25 mins, she鈥檒l teach you how to choose a concept (that鈥檚 one of the hardest parts, right?) and then nail down the perfect color palette. From there, she鈥檒l walk you through 5 DIYs that can be adapted to any theme: dip-dyed napkins, table linens, party hats, stir sticks, and a dip-dye coffee filter garland.


Alright, let鈥檚 get to the fun. You鈥檙e gonna want to pin these party hat tutorials STAT.


1. Floral Crown: This pretty crown is perfect for summer festivals with friends or laid back backyard dinner parties. (via bluebird)


2. Make It Birthday Crowns: Yo shorty, it鈥檚 your birthday. So why not wear a big girl birthday crown all day long?! Plus, this DIY has multiple templates you can choose from. Score. (via Design Love Fest)


3. Whimsical Party Hats: Umm, how adorable are these mini party hats? These are a must-make for your kiddo鈥檚 next birthday. Plus, they can easily be adapted to any birthday theme! (via Tiny Prints)


4. Felt Birthday Hats: Just grab some felt in all of your favorite colors and make these bright, elfish hats for all of your party guests. (via Princess Lasertron)


5. Confetti Party Hats: These hats turn any situation into an automatic party! The confetti is out 鈥 let the festivities commence. (via 100 Layer Cake-Let)


6. Party Hat Printable: This tutorial makes party hats super simple with a printable. Now all you need are fun embellishments! (via Confetti Sunshine)


7. Circus Party Hat: We know what you鈥檙e wearing at your next circus-themed event. These darling DIY party hats, complete with mini flags. (via Oh Happy Day).


8. Three聽DIY Party Hats: This tutorial has three party hat designs in one! We鈥檝e got the Fringed Pom, the Glittered Number or the Pinwheel Pom. Let鈥檚 just make all three, okay? (via momtastic)


9. Floral Party Hats: If you鈥檙e looking for something floral, try making these pretty headbands for your bestie鈥檚 birthday celebration. (via Oh Happy Day)


10. Glitter Top聽Hat: Get fancy with these glitter top hats. Make sure to tip your little hat to each guest and say, 鈥淕ood day.鈥 (via circus berry)


11. Party Hat Alternative: Are traditional party hats a little dull for you? Try out this alternative party headband that鈥檚 unique and so very you! (via Handmade Charlotte)


12. Make A Unicorn Horn: We鈥檙e over the moon, err, rainbow, with this one. Make your little one鈥檚 magical dreams come true with this adorable unicorn horn hat. (via A Subtle Revelry)


13. Fruit-Inspired Party Hat: Pineapple obsessed? Us too. This summer, make these fruity party hats for all your BBQs. (via Studio DIY)


14. Gold Fringe Party Hats: Keep it classy at your next event by showing up with these festive party hats for guests to wear. You so fancy! (via Almost Makes Perfect)


15. Tulle Poof Party Hat: Add a bright pop of color to your next girlie party with these pretty tulle poof headbands. So much glee from just one poof. (via A Subtle Revelry)


16. Sparkly Party Crown: Make the king (or queen) feel extra special on their big day with these sparkly party crowns. All you need is a headband, pipe cleaners and of course, pom poms. (via Kelli Murray)


17. Watercolor Party Hats: Get your watercolor on with these simple party hats that are oh-so pretty. (via Oh Happy Day)


18. Felt Crown: Give your little prince the crown he deserves with this colorful felt hat tutorial. Perfect for BBQ fun or as a start to a play closet. (via Hellobee)


19. Sprinkled Mini Party Hats: These festive hats are must-makes for your next birthday party. Just add some sprinkled birthday numbers to each mini hat and you鈥檙e ready to go. Psst鈥 you can even eat the numbers later. (via Jacks + Kate)


20. Party Hat Cupcake Toppers: The cupcakes need fun party hats, too! Go along with the theme and jazz up your sweets with these mini cake toppers. (via A Pretty Cool Life)

Guys, there were so many more tutorials that we wanted to add to this roundup! But we didn鈥檛 want to go over the top with our party hat obsession. If that鈥檚 even possible, right? ;)

Do you have a fun party hat tutorial? Share it with us on in the comments below!