Everybody has that one pair of heels that fits perfectly — so much so in fact, that you wear them to work nearly every day. The only issue with these ultra wearable pumps: they’re just a little bit boring. Rather than trading them in for a trendy pair that makes both your feet and wallet ache, why not use that creative brain of yours to spruce them up a bit? With just a couple scraps of fabric you can hack an old pair of heels into a pair worth gossiping about at the water cooler.

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– chunky heeled shoes

– patterned fabric


– Mod Podge

– paint brush

– fabric scissors

– box cutter

step 1

1. Choose your fabric and cut it so that it’s just a little bigger than the size of your heel.

2. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto your heel exactly where you want to lay the fabric. We decided to leave the inner heel black, but you can definitely wrap your fabric around the entire heel if you like.

3. Press your fabric onto the Mod Podge and repeat with the other shoe. Let them completely dry.

4. Once dry, cut the excess fabric and paint on a new layer of Mod Podge — this makes the heels waterproof.

5. Before your heels dry, use your box cutter to carefully and gently push the fabric on both heels into the seam between the heel and the upper part of the shoe.


First things first: pick out your fabric. We love this houndstooth pattern for a pair that’s office appropriate, but if you’re looking for a party heel, you can try something more festive like brightly colored or boldly patterned fabric… and maybe even sequins! Brush Mod Podge on the heel and press on the fabric. Make sure it’s laying flat and there aren’t any weird folds. Do that on both shoes, and once the fabric is totally dry, trim off the excess and waterproof those fancy new kicks with another coat of Mod Podge. Use a cutter to press the raw fabric edges into the seam between the heel and the rest of the shoes. Pop those babies on and quickly forget all about those boring heels of the past.

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Next time you find yourself in a secondhand shop and spot a pair of heels you’re on the fence about, bring them home and fix them up in under an hour. You never know, after this simple shoe hack, they could become your next wear-everywhere steppers.

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What’s the coolest shoe hack you’ve ever tried? Talk to us in the comments below.