Last year (about three weeks ago — teehee!) we were tasked with brainstorming ideas for the new year to share at our creative team meeting. That morning, when I sat down to put on my shoes, I thought of a great one to add to the list. I realized putting socks and shoes on is something that I do every day. So, if my socks said something on them, I would have to read them and eventually would have the phrase plastered in my mind. When we sat down at B + C to share our ideas, I could NOT keep it together. I was almost crying I was laughing so much at my idea to put new year’s resolutions on socks. It was so silly! However, everyone was on board with the idea, and here we are today sharing it with you, the B + C community.


Materials + Tools:

— socks

— iron-on transfer paper

— scissors

— iron

— puff paint



1. Create a list of resolutions and print them onto your iron-on transfer paper.

2. Cut out your resolutions and iron them onto your socks.

3. Grab puff paint and hand letter another set of resolutions to the bottom of your pair of socks.


Create a list of your top resolutions for this year. We polled the office and found that most people wanted to spend more time making and take better care of their bodies. Once you have your list, mirror the type and print it out on iron-on transfer paper. Cut out the phrases and iron them onto the top of your socks.


Puff paint on the bottom of socks is a great hack for those no-slip socks that are used in activities such as pilates. Hand letter a reminder for yourself :)


We love this resolution that Marisa, a designer here at B + C, shared. #selflove


When Turkey heard the words “resolution socks,” he thought, “No way I’m wearing socks, guys!”


“Buy less, make more” is always one of my resolutions and mottos. Another personal resolution has always been “learn to like/eat more vegetables!” (P.S. I reference this post ALL the time.)


Check, check!


We just had to draw your attention to the fact that everyone should try something new they pinned on Pinterest once a month, plus these breakfast PJs, hello!


And of course, outtakes, because why not?

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