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With so many easy-to-grab condiments, spreads and spices lining the grocery store aisles, it鈥檚 no wonder we don鈥檛 think to make them at home from scratch. But in a world where we鈥檙e trying to eat better and cleaner, ditching preservatives should definitely be on our lists. The good news is that making our go-to鈥檚, like mayo, aioli and salad dressing, isn鈥檛 beyond the bounds of possibility in the comfort of our own kitchens. In fact, they taste even better when made fresh. These 17 recipes will have you making DIY condiments and ditching the preservatives in store-bought versions like *that.*


1. Lebanese Hummus: Hummus is one of those things that you鈥檒l never buy in-store again once you鈥檝e had it homemade. This creamy and dreamy spread calls for very few ingredients and is a total cinch to make. (via Thyme and Toast)


2. Super Easy DIY Garden Herb Salt: This herbaceous and garlicky salt is the perfect way to jazz up your meat, seafood and that buttery popcorn you鈥檝e been hankering for all week. Simply crush up some of your fave herbs, toss them with salt and enjoy. (via How Sweet It Is)


3. Fiery Mustard: You鈥檝e probably never put much thought into mustard while squirting bright yellow zigzags onto your hotdogs. However, if you鈥檝e ever had a homemade mustard, you know how next-level gourmet it tastes. This fiery recipe takes a whopping 10 minutes to whip together. (via Larder Love)


4. Infinitely Better Homemade Chili Powder: If you鈥檙e still paying for those overly salty chili seasoning packets, give this homemade blend a whirl. It鈥檚 made with spices you already have sitting in your spice rack, and you have total control over that saltiness and heat. (via Inspired Taste)


5. Homemade Veggie Cream Cheese: We spread it on our bagels and add it to creamy dips, but have we ever considered making it from scratch? Hardly. However, cream cheese is a breeze to whip up at home and it鈥檚 done in minutes. What are we waiting for? (via Family Food on the Table)


6. Homemade Italian Salad Dressing: This gorgeous and colorful homemade Italian dressing is all you need for your nightly side salad. It鈥檚 refreshing, zesty and incredibly easy to make. You鈥檒l never buy the gloopy bottled stuff again! (via Diethood)


7. Chai Spiced Almond Butter: So, #RealTalk for a second 鈥 nut butters are expensive AF these days, and it can be hard to justify forking out so much of our hard-earned cash for such teeny jars of the stuff. The solution? Make your own. It鈥檚 easier than you think and a fraction of the cost. (via Well and Full)


8. Homemade Salsa: Say goodbye to the jarred stuff, because you鈥檙e going to fall head over heels for this chunky and refreshing homemade salsa. Being able to taste each fresh ingredient makes all the difference, and you can even taste how much healthier it is. (via Watch Learn Eat)


9. Festive Pomegranate Guacamole: Every bowl of salsa needs its guac counterpart. So, grab yourself the ripest avocados you can find and get mashin鈥! For a festive spin, add some juicy pomegranate seeds. (via Cookie + Kate)


10. Pesto With Spinach and Walnuts: If you have a food processor, you can make a fresh batch of pesto; it鈥檚 really that simple. You don鈥檛 even have to follow a recipe. Just make sure you have the basics, like something green, some Parmesan, olive oil, nuts, garlic and seasoning. (via Bound by Food)


11. Homemade Casear Salad Dressing: We know that vinaigrettes are easy peasy to make in the comfort of our own kitchens, but for some reason creamy dressings seem a little more complex. The good news is they鈥檙e not. Using only five common pantry ingredients, this version omits raw eggs and anchovies. (via Culinary Hill)


12. Homemade Tzatziki: Whether it鈥檚 being slathered on meat or scooped up with warm pitas, this delicious and creamy Mediterranean dip is loved by many 鈥 but made at home by few. With only six ingredients and 10 minutes, you can be dipping into this good stuff. (via What鈥檚 Gaby Cooking?)


13. Homemade Ranch Seasoning: Ranch is undoubtedly one of America鈥檚 favorite flavors. People obsess over it, and with that zippy flavor, we certainly can鈥檛 blame them. Naturally, we鈥檙e stoked that it鈥檚 *so* easy to DIY. (via Countryside Cravings)


14. Homemade Thick Avocado Oil Mayonnaise: Mayo lovers, your mind is about to be blown, because whipping up the good stuff at home is doable鈥 and with just six ingredients to boot! This recipe is what your mayo-lovin鈥 dreams are made of. (via Wicked Spatula)


15. Homemade Cocktail Sauce: No matter how much we love shrimp, we鈥檝e got to admit that one of the best parts of a shrimp cocktail is that distinctive cocktail sauce. If you think the stuff in the jar is tasty, you won鈥檛 even believe the flavor in this homespun version. (via The Blond Cook)


16. Homemade Nacho Queso Dip: When you curl up for a movie on a Friday night, it鈥檚 hard to top a snack comprised of crunchy nachos and cheesy queso. But that pre-made stuff has got to go. This velvety cheese sauce calls for real and natural ingredients to create a dip you鈥檒l be completely hooked on. (via Chew Out Loud)


17. Easy Homemade Garlic Salt: For some, there just isn鈥檛 enough garlic in the world. For those folks, having some garlic salt within reach is imperative. This is when having your very own home blend becomes handy, and it鈥檚 incredibly easy to make. (via Garlic Matters)

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