If you live in a place where the temperature dips just in time for Halloween, you know that finding a costume that will keep your kid warm enough can be a challenge. It seems like a waste to splurge on a store-bought costume only to cover it up with a sweatshirt by the end of the night. Just go ahead and make the warmer costume instead! Here are 16 easy DIY costumes that all start with a sweatshirt.


1. Owl: Whooo is ready for Halloween? You will be, after one quick trip to the craft store. Buy a few large sheets of felt, then scallop the ends to make textured wings with a minimal amount of cutting. (via Parents)

monster (1)

2. Monster: The great thing about a monster costume is there are no rules. As long as you include the eyes and horns, no one will be stumped by what your kiddo is dressed up as. (via Fiskars)


3. Crab: Simple things like pipe-cleaner antennae eyes and a piece of pink fabric for the tummy make this a great last-minute costume. Matching red gloves covered with felt claws will ensure even their tiny fingers stay nice and warm. (via Woman’s Day)


4. Lion: Multi-colored yarn and simple ears are all you need for this ferociously adorable lion costume. A little face paint and you’re ready to hit the block for some trick-or-treating. (via Existence of Wonder)


5. Big Bad Wolf: A printable template makes assembling this costume almost too easy. Head out as a lone wolf or join up with little red riding hood or the three little pigs. Either way, you’ll be howling with delight at the finished product. (via Between U and Me)


6. Elephant: Wire coat hangers help give those big floppy ears some shape, and three felt toes on each sleeve complete the project. We doubt this elephant will work for peanuts though. (via Everyday Dishes and DIY)


7. Unicorn: Prance around the neighborhood as a mythical unicorn with a glittery white horn and mane. Even newbie crafters can handle this one since there’s no sewing machine required. (via Just Deanna)


8. Shark: Sewing a zig-zag stitch along strips of white felt makes getting perfectly pointed teeth super easy. Make a dorsal fin out of a matching pair of sweatpants. A piece of plastic canvas and a little batting help it keep its shape. (via Make It and Love It)


9. Goldfish: Dress up as your favorite beloved clownfish (Nemo!) or leave off the black stripes and get a few friends together and go as a school of goldfish. That awesome mohawk is our favorite part. (via Did You Feed the Cats?)


10. Ladybug: This entire costume can be made in less than an hour, but if you have a little extra time to spare, go ahead and make the leaf trick-or-treat bag too. Your little lady bug will be so proud to show off what mama made. (via HGTV)


11. Fox: This fox is nothing short of fantastic. Pair with brown shorts and boots and your mini will be out collecting candy in no time. (via Mama.Papa.Bubba)


12. Flower: Give your gal a boost of flower power this Halloween. Sew felt petals inside the hood and around the bottom of a sweatshirt and you’ll have a costume she’ll want wear for the rest of the year. (via Reading Confetti)


13. Care Bears: If you’re having a hard time finding matching sweats, buy white ones and dye them yourself. Attach the tummy designs and ears with your favorite heavy-duty craft glue. (via See Vanessa Craft)


14. Bat: Perfect for Halloween or just playing dress-up, this bat costume comes together quickly since it’s based around a basic black hoodie. All you’ll need to make are the wings, ears and mask. (via The Dieter Family)


15. Dinosaur: If you can cut a triangle (or 20), then you can make this no-sew costume. Now, all you have to do is work on your kid’s roar. (via Ginger Snap Crafts)


16. Frog: It ain’t easy being green, but making this costume sure is. Pair with green leggings (or a crown for a frog-prince angle!) and you’re ready to go. (via HGTV)

Will you DIY any of these costumes for Halloween? Snap a pic and let us see!