If you’re on front door duty this Halloween but are really struggling with leaving the couch and your fave spooky movies on Netflix and TV (us too!), you’re probably going to wish those darn trick-or-treaters could be a little more self-sufficient. No one likes being caught in the play-and-pause cycle (even though it would be good to stretch)!


You could go the old fashioned way and just put a bowl of candy and a handwritten note on a table outside your door… or you could rock a super cool doorbell that will not only play music from your favorite Netflix show but also point the candygoers in the direction of their treasure with a built-in screen. Check out the video:

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry! The parts are all inexpensive and easy to find. Here’s what you need: an Arduino Pro Trinket 5 or 3v, a battery, an MP3 Player, a button, a headphone jack, a battery charger, a switch, a screen, a microSD, some 3mm White LEDs, a speaker and a sonar. You can also customize your project if you’re more familiar with the Arduino — lighting up the candy bowl after your custom message appears sounds like a pretty good idea!

You can find the full tutorial here. It might be a little tricky in some places, but at the end you’ll be rewarded with an awesome project that people will be talking about afterward, guaranteed.

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