As a DIY designer, one of the most popular questions my friends ask me is, “Can you help me make a present for my boyfriend?” And the answer is yes — but also no. The best presents are the ones that are inspired by inside jokes, experiences and memories. So really, the best person to come up with a gift for your S.O. is you! That said, I’ll give you some ideas ;) We were influenced by our Kit Designer Marianne’sDIY resolution wheel and decided to turn it into a Valentine’s gift idea for significant others or even your children! Print out the blank template and fill it in with your own personal relationship goals, restaurants you want to try or a fun game. If you’re making this wheel for you kids, we suggest filling it with fun rewards for a job well done. They can keep it at their desk or hang it up on their wall.


wheel of love printable
– 9-inch lazy Susan

– wire

– chain

– small wooden heart and oblong tear shape

– red sharpie


– scissors

– hot glue gun



1. Print out the wheel of love template and hot glue onto the inside of the lazy Susan.

2. Color a wooden oblong tear shape and heart red and glue together to form an arrow.

3. Cut a piece of wire 10 inches in length, fold in half and twist. Bend into a bracket shape and glue one end to the back of the arrow and the other to the base of the lazy Susan.

4. Cut a piece of chain that is 10 inches long and attach wire hoops to the end. Hot glue to the backside of the lazy Susan. Cover with paper to secure the bond.


Download our free printable and cut it out. Take a spin at hand-lettering your own wheel by printing out our blank template and adding your own rewards for your special S.O.


Add some hot glue or Elmer’s glue and place on the inside of the lazy Susan.


Search around your craft drawers to find wooden pieces to create your stationary arrow. We used an oblong tear shape and heart. Color them red and glue them together. Then cut a piece of wire 10 inches long, bend in half and twist.


Glue one end of the wire onto your arrow. While the glue is still wet/hot, cover the glue and wire with a piece of paper. I found this secured the connection of the two objects and didn’t allow the wire to peel away from the hot glue. Bend into a bracket and glue the other side on the stationary part of the lazy Susan. Once again, cover the wire and glue with a small piece of paper to really make sure it’s connected to the plastic edge.


Cut a piece of chain that is 10 inches long and attach wire hoops to the end. Hot glue to the backside of the lazy Susan. Cover with paper to secure the bond.


You spin me right round baby, right round.


Hand letter your own wheel or print out ours. We won’t judge if you go the lazy route ;)

Please land on “Free Massage” :)

Sometimes decisions are hard, and they’re really hard when you’re hungry. Print out our blank template and fill in the spots with your favorite restaurants. The next time you and your boo are hungry, just spin the wheel and have it decide for you!


Hang it up and add some spinning interactive dimension to your gallery wall.


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