We love all that is colorful and bright at Brit + Co, but we鈥檙e always looking for inspiration to add more color to seasonal palettes for the holidays. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e teaming up with Vera Bradley to bring some extra creativity to your holiday wrapping and gift giving this year. Their intricate patterns and explosions of color are the perfect muse for custom gift wrap. Check out the video below to see how the Bohemia Blooms pattern sparked our imagination.

It鈥檚 all so beautiful and inspiring! Scroll on to catch more details on how it鈥檚 done.

Hand Painted Gift Wrap


Materials + Tools:

  • watercolor
  • white butcher paper
  • sponge brush
  • tissue paper
  • marker
  • scissors
  • needle and thread


  1. Paint strokes of color onto your butcher paper. We like to use a foam brush to create wide, soft strokes. Let dry.
  2. Add dots and leaves, as inspired by Vera Bradley鈥檚 Bohemian Blooms pattern.
  3. Use your freshly crafted paper to wrap your gift.
  4. Next, make your tissue flowers. Draw a circle on a stack of tissue paper. Choose colors that match your wrapping paper. Cut circle out.
  5. Fold the circles in half, and stitch a knot through all of the layers.
  6. Make your flowers 鈥渂loom鈥 by pulling up each layer and crinkling for texture.
  7. Tape them to the top of your gift and you鈥檙e set!

Get your materials. OMG, look how these colors POP already!


Start by painting strokes of color on your butcher paper. We like using a foam brush for a softer, wider stroke. With the Lighten Up Brush Up Cosmetic Case in Bohemian Blooms as our inspiration, we chose a bright palette of red, pink and orange. Let dry. Next, draw some fun textures and leaf accents to help tie our wrapping paper into the pattern. Now you鈥檙e ready to wrap your gift!


Next, make your floral toppers. Draw and cut a circle on layers of colored tissue. Mix up the diameter of your circles for different sized flowers. Tie your layers together by stitching a simple knot in the center of the circle. Let those blossoms bloom! Pull the layers up and crinkle the sides to add dimension. Tape to the top of your wrapping.


Check out those floral accents FTW! This gift is sure to be a delight from the inside out.


The holiday season never looked better!


We found inspiration in these three Vera Bradley prints!


We made a foam stamp with complementary colors for the Keiv Paisley All in One Crossbody and Wristlet.


We absolutely LOVE the Leighton Backpack in Kiev Needlepoint, so we busted out the embroidery needle and thread to make some custom stitchwork.


Lookin鈥 good! Get a jump-start on your holiday shopping and score some Vera Bradley gifts to give yourself plenty of time to make your wrapping paper.

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Video: Alonna Morrison, Katie Booker + Ryan Shelley

DIY Production + Styling: Alonna Morrison

Photography: Kurt Andre