When it comes to the holidays, our pets are a crucial part of the family tree… er, Christmas tree? ;) This holiday season is officially going to the dogs here at Brit HQ, and we’re stuffing their stockings with only the most stylish canine goodies around. Here are 12 stocking stuffer ideas for your darling Porter, Nellie, or Pixel!

1. Back to Cool Push Pin Toy ($5): What looks like a rather dangerous enlarged office supply is actually a rubber toy for the most academic of dogs. Feel free to pin this to your pet Pinterest board — pun intended ;)

2. “Extra Durable” Eggplant ($15): For the herbivore parent, this eggplant toy is an instant win. And, it is double layered which makes it last for even the toughest of pups.

3. Anchors Aweigh! ($14): Ahoy mateys! S.S. Fido is coming in to shore! But for real, how cute is this sailing-inspired toy?!

4. Sniffany & Co ($15): Nothing but the finest for your pup! This is a plush version of the iconic turquoise Tiffany & Co. box we all know and, possibly, covet.

5. Triangles Collar ($25): Geometric prints look great on you, so why not on your dog? This simple triangle-printed collar is the canine fashion statement for fall.

6. Pink Rubber Stick ($10): Walk tall and carry a big… rubber stick? Sure, why not.

7. Pencil Rope Toy ($12-$20): Another toy after the heart of the more bookish of pups, this pencil rope toy is our favorite on the list.

8. Steak PrideBite ($10): We’re happy to report this piece of fake meat is back in stock! Didn’t know it was out of stock? Guess we revealed just how pet-toy-geeky we really are…

9. Collapsible Pet Bowl ($19): For those who love to adventure, be sure to pack a dog bowl for your little pup.

10. Sip N’ Chew Straw Toys ($10-$24): Who says those trendy striped straws are just for humans? Not us!

11. Flagged Leash ($18): This leash is so stylish, you just might want a belt to match.

12. Back to Cool Paperclip Chew Toy ($8 each): More school supplies? Yes please! :)

Do you have a dog? If so, what are his or her favorite toys? Talk to us in the comments below.

Thanks to Milk-Bone® for helping us launch Brit + Co. Pets and for helping us keep our dogs healthy and happy.