Did you know that the Department of Justice has an LGBTQ+ employee and ally group? It’s called DOJ Pride, and the group has an annual event where they honor queer people for their service within the legal community. Their community service award, the Gerald B. Roehmer Award, is given to activists from all over the country. BuzzFeed News reports that this year’s award recipient is trans teenager Gavin Grimm, who is currently in a legal battle with his school board because he was refused access to the boys’ restroom at school.

Gavin Grimm

Grimm’s case made national and international news. At first, the school allowed him access, but as word spread, parents became outraged and insisted that Grimm be denied the right to use the washroom of his choice.

While at the time this decision broke an Obama-era law (Title IX, which protects transgender students and allows them to use the washroom corresponding with their gender identity), President Trump effectively struck that down. But Grimm has continued to fight, and even though he recently graduated from high school (which he wrote about on Medium), he’s not giving up.

“Years after my battle for equality started, one thing remains the same: I’m still barred from using the boys’ restroom in my school. I have to face that I’m not going to see justice done before I leave high school,” Grimm wrote, adding, “Our opponents can’t stop justice; they can only delay it. The law is on our side.”

Grimm’s reported DOJ honor will be presented alongside the James R. Douglass Award, which is given to DOJ employees working to protect LGBTQ+ rights within governmental offices.

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(h/t BuzzFeed News; photo via Bryan Bedder/Getty)