Some girls like a little Starbucks on Valentine’s Day, others like fancy chocolate. But what if you’re the kind of girl who’s into something a little more edgy?

Well, if you’re into snacks of a more savory variety, Doritos has something for you! Introducing Doritos Roses.

If you’re not into chocolates or think that wine pairs better with something a little more salty, get your valentine to score you a dozen long stemmed Doritos Roses. Sure, they won’t smell floral, but who cares? They’re crunchy delicious and you won’t have to worry about trying to properly dry them out or letting them rot.

Doritos has rolled out this Valentine’s Day special to help launch its new flavor: Doritos Ketchup.

Sadly, you can only expect Doritos Roses this Valentine’s day if you live in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, Canada (or have someone willing to snag some for you). But they might just be worth it.

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(Photo via Doritos Canada)