Target really seems to be stepping up its game lately, first with its healthy menu changes, then with news that it’ll be removing gendered signage in certain store departments and now the retail giant has announced that soon you’ll be able to drink while you shop. Great news, right?! Who hasn’t wanted to unwind with a glass of vino or chill out with a cold one while you push around that big red cart?

Target isn’t the only place that’s added alcoholic options to its menus, either. Starbucks started serving beer and wine in some Bay Area locations recently and people seemed to totally embrace the option to have happy hour at their fave coffee place. And you’ve been able to sip and shop at Whole Foods locations for a while now — meeting at the cafe for lunch or dinner isn’t unheard of. With those posher menu changes on the horizon, maybe Target will be your new destination for a full-on dinner experience?

Sadly, no. This doesn’t mean Target is encouraging shoppers to get tipsy and shop; it means that Target is just trying to make the entire shopping experience more enjoyable and appealing to consumers. Let’s face it: Sometimes it’s best you prepare yourself with a bev for those crazy shopping days (i.e. the hell that is holiday shopping or the frenzy every time a new fashion collab drops.). Cheers!

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(h/t Grub Street)