Oreo has kind of been blowing our minds lately. With new options such as Coconut and Salted Caramel Oreo Thins and Apple Pie Oreos, it’s a far cry from the plain old cream and chocolate classic we worshipped in our youth.

The flavor stakes have just been raised even further, however, as the brand has just teamed up with another of our favorite treats — Dunkin’ Donuts — for what is sure to be an extra-special delight.

According to Instagram user @junkbanter, we’ll soon be privy to a limited edition Dunkin’ Donuts MOCHA Oreo. WHAT. Considering that we not only LOVE all things cookie, but we’re Lorelai and Rory-level coffee fanatics, this is pretty much our dream pairing.

It WOULD make sense — after all, the chains apparently teamed up just this past fall to bring us an Oreo hot chocolate combo that, frankly, we’re not sure how we missed (um, yum?!).

Alas, they don’t yet have a release date or an official announcement to speak of just yet (Junk Banter aims to show a release in July), which means we’re just gonna have to keep our fingers crossed that this isn’t just a rumor — we don’t think our hearts could take it!

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photo via @dunkindonuts)